Griffin Rouse

Griffin Rouse

ADHD Coach and Life Coach, Executive Skills Coach
Coaching Colorado and Worldwide

Griffin was diagnosed with ADHD when he was eight or nine years old. His family struggled for years to find him a supportive and structured environment that would help him learn to manage his ADHD instead of promising to “cure” it. Eventually, they identified a small high school in central Massachusetts that specialized in ADHD and other learning disabilities. This school became a turning point in Griffin’s life; it was a safe haven for Griffin and is where he began his journey of helping children and young adults with ADHD.

After high school, Griffin went on to earn a Bachelor’s degree in Public and Community Service at Providence College, where he focused on asset-based development and community organizing. After graduating, Griffin spent seven years working with at-risk youth in Providence. Griffin saw clearly that many of these bright, misunderstood young men and women were simply ADHD adolescents who lacked the structure and support to succeed – much like he was as a child. This experience inspired Griffin to channel his passion into a field where he could make a difference in the lives of young people with ADHD. This led him to coaching.

Griffin’s coaching style is built on the foundations of asset-based development, a practice that encourages participants to reframe the things traditionally considered to be liabilities as assets or solutions.  In ADHD coaching, this means understanding and harnessing the parts of being ADHD that are traditionally considered problems and helping clients to do the hard work of thinking through their challenges in a calm, confident, clear way. Griffin works with clients to develop creative ways to use those traits to solve the challenges that ADHD, and life in general, create for clients.  Griffin has ADHD and life coach training through MentorCoach and currently works with ADHD Coach Jeff Copper as his mentor.

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Professional Training and Education:

  • Advanced Positive Psychology and ADHD Coach Training Program through MentorCoach
  • Life Coach Training through MentorCoach
  • BA Public and Community Service from Providence College
  • Special Projects Coordinator for At-Risk Youth Programs for Community Development with
  • Employment, Environmental Stewardship, and Non-Violent Conflict Resolution

Client Testimonials

“My son’s first year of college was last year and it was NOT a good year (and not just because of remote classes, masks, etc.). I tried everything I could think of to help my smart, funny, kind son manage his ADHD but he was still struggling. This year has been a completely different experience and it is all because of Griffin. We started working with Griffin in April and he established a good rapport with my son right away. Griffin has helped my son understand, accept and manage his ADHD and the end result has been a very successful fall semester (in an engineering program!). My son is happier, more self-confident, and is making great progress towards his goals both academically and personally, thanks to Griffin.”

Tracy W.

Denver, Colorado

“My son really appreciates working with Griffin. He feels better about himself and more optimistic about achieving his goals and being able to run his own life. We’ve been watching his fear disappear and his confidence take over. After waiting so look for it, it’s amazing to see. There are lots of small baby steps happening, but most importantly, thanks to his hard work with Griffin, my son feels heard, supported, and that he can be the master of his ADHD, not the other way around!”

Susan D.


“From our perspective as parents working with Griffin for the past year was extremely helpful; he helped us understand the challenges our son was facing, listened to our concerns and supported our role as parents. From our son’s, age 13, perspective; he provided a listening ear to his worries, helped him articulate his concerns to us, worked on finding solutions to his problems, and celebrated his progress.

Griffin always made himself available for us and our son when we needed him regardless of the time and outside of our regular booked sessions.

Griffin has also offered his support and availability during our current relocation from one country to another, which surely is having an impact on our family.”


How to Meet with Griffin

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