Katherine Jahnke

Katherine Jahnke

ADHD Coach and Life Coach, Executive Skills Coach, Owner/Founder

I don’t know how I got so lucky to do what I love every day, but unquestionably, I am aligned with my purpose. The enthusiasm I feel for coaching constantly flows over the edge of my cup!

Living in College Station, Texas and having both Texas A&M University and Blinn Community College as neighbors is a great privilege since I really get a kick from working with the energy of this group. The opportunity of being present at a pivotal point in their lives as they are unhooking from their family moorings to launch their own lives and careers is exhilarating. Coaching can provide that needed temporary mooring as they are navigating the college scene while managing their ADHD symptoms and finding how they fit in this new world.

But the real heart of my coaching career started by working with Parents of Children with ADHD. My truest desire was to meet the parents where they were and help them get to where they really wanted to be. I understood this because as a parent of a child with ADHD, you never forget that horrible helpless feeling when you didn’t know what you should know about this disorder. And parents are the first line of defense and need encouragement and reinforcements to keep their kids from not being run through a gauntlet.

Inevitably, because ADHD is so highly inheritable I found myself coaching with many of those parents of ADHD children. That is because their eyes were opened to answers regarding their own life struggles. Many did not even get their own diagnosis until their children were, so they had to take on a new paradigm of their life at a much later age. And to help their children with their ADHD challenges required them to address their own challenges as well. Coaching accomplished that for them!

My coaching with parents and adults addresses issues at work as well as home around such things as life balance with their non-ADHD spouse, organizational issues, communication, managing their time, living a life in alignment with their values, and emotional regulation just to name a few.  And there is a special calling that tugs my heart to work with women with ADHD. Because they feel without value as wives and mothers when they can’t manage their households and take care of those they love. And worthless is just not their truth!

Prior to working as a coach, I worked for the 12th Man Foundation at Texas A&M University and also worked in a corporate environment for a long stint. I am married and together we have raised three children. In my spare time, I’m an avid reader, unceasingly curious about whatever and relish all things technology. Scrapbooking and genealogy also tickle my fancy when I can get off the internet of things!   

Areas of Coaching Expertise:

Katherine is a Professional ADHD Coach with 15+ years of ADHD Coaching experience for:

Current Programs

In addition to Individual Coaching and Masterclasses, Coach Katherine leads

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  • Speaker: Conferences and Local Workshops on ADHD, ADHD Coaching and Entrepreneurship

    Professional Training and Education

    • Annual ADHD Coaches Conferences ‘07-‘22
    • Group Coaching Training with Laurie Dupar 2015
    • Advanced ADHD Coach Training at ADD Coaching Academy (ADDCA)  2014
    • Learning & the Brain Conference 2013
    • Coaching Teens & College Students with ADHD at JST Coach Training 2011
    • Life Coach Training at Coaches Training Institute (CTI) 2007
    • CHADD (Children & Adults with ADHD) Conferences ’05, ’06, ‘15
    • ADD in the Spirit Training with Kate Kelly and Peggy Ramundo 2006
    • AA, Southwest Texas State University

    Professional Service and Advocacy:

    • ADHD Coaches Organization – Board Member 2008-2016, 2022 to present
    • Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) 2012
    • Organizer and Facilitator 2004-2010
    • Parent Partners Leadership Training with Partners Resource Network 2008
    • CHADD Support Group for Parents and for Adults with ADHD
    • CHADD Parent to Parent Training 2005

    How to Meet with Katherine:

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    • In-person as arranged in College Station, Texas
    • Schedule a no-obligation, complimentary consultation to explore your coaching and support options

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