Having ADHD is not an indicator of bad character, laziness, low intelligence, or a precursor to a life of constant challenge and failure.

At the Center For Living Well with ADHD, we believe individuals with ADHD are very bright and gifted with the ability to accomplish their goals and contribute in big and amazing ways in the world.

True, having ADHD creates some challenges with day to day life.  But also true, is that understanding and developing awareness about ADHD, learning how to leverage your strengths and exploring the best strategies and approaches to manage the challenges that arise with ADHD is key. 

You can live a full, rewarding and successful life with ADHD as your greatest gift rather than your worse curse. 

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An ADHD Coach can help!

Our Center provides coaching support, cornerstone workshops and services to help individuals in all ages, stages, and areas of their life.  It is important that you understand how to use the ways you are Wired to Win. We believe in taking a holistic approach to help clients define their goals, identify the actions to achieve them, and provide step by step support to get where you want to be. Our coaches provide coaching and support virtually nationwide and in-person at the Minnesota, Colorado, Texas and Ohio offices.

Coaching helps individuals with ADHD to:

  • Understand and navigate their ADHD
  • Learn how to leverage their strengths and gifts
  • Build on weaker life and executive function skills
  • Address ADHD-related challenges
  • Create meaningful goals and take the actions to accomplish them

We help our clients at any age or stage to accomplish the success they desire.

  • Adults wanting to understand and manage their ADHD better
  • Career exploration and improvement with work related challenges and productivity
  • Positive parenting approaches to enhance family life
  • Transition support for young adults heading off to college or living life on their own
  • Success in academics, homework and study habits for elementary through college
  • Developing healthy relationships and finessing social skills
  • Improved sense-of-self, mindset, and motivation to move forward in life

Your options at the Center For Living Well With ADHD include:



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Robin meets with clients in her Apple Valley or Edina Office or Virtually by computer or telephone. 

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If you can't find a time that works or experience difficulties, please send an email for assistance to  Robin@adhdcoach.life.

New to Coaching?  Click here to schedule your Complimentary Get Acquainted Session.

Ready to Begin Coaching? Click here to schedule your New Client Intake Session.

Existing Clients?  Click here to schedule your next coaching session. 

If you can't find a time that works or experience difficulties, please send an email for assistance to  Kat@ADHDCoach.life.