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Relationship Reboot - 8 Ways To Better!

FREE GUIDE! Body Doubling for ADHD – Enhance Your Focus & Productivity

Body Doubling is a powerful strategy for individuals with ADHD to enhance focus, productivity and task completion by leveraging external accountability in a structured environment.

You’ll learn …

  • What is Body Doubling?
  • Why Body Doubling works well for ADHD
  • How to optimize Body Doubling time
  • And more!

Relationship Reboot - 8 Ways To Better!

Are you feeling overwhelmed and frustrated with the impact of ADHD on your relationship?

Learn about the 8 important areas to focus on as a couple to create something better.

Teen and Young Adult Readiness Assessment

This helpful resource will help you evaluate your readiness for taking those exciting next steps following high school graduation. like heading off to a 4-year college, taking a gap year, heading into the workforce, or many other options.

This resource will help you to:

  • Evaluate your current skills and mindset for what you plan to do next.
  • Brainstorm and collaborate on ways to strengthen your skills and mindset to empower you for success.
  • Create an actionable transition plan to prepare for those important next steps in your future.

Take the first step and download this free assessment!

We get it. Feeling good about the work you do and how you contribute is important.

When your job is not a good match, it doesn’t take much to start experiencing:

  • feelings of overwhelm
  • a neverending sense of falling behind
  • burnout from working long hours
  • worry over keeping your job
  • questioning your abilities
  • dread at the start of your workday
  • what else?

We hear these questions often with our coaching:

  • Am I in the right job?
  • Why is this so hard for me?
  • Do I need to change careers?

The answers to these questions will vary from person to person based on the source of the challenge.

If you can relate to some of the feelings above, this is a great resource to start with.

This guide on career fit will help you identify:

  • The different challenges with career and ADHD
  • Three ways to explore if you are in the right job
  • Insight on the next steps moving forward

Download your free guide now!