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Mike Legett

ADHD Coach and Life Coach, Executive Skills Coach
Coaching Worldwide

Mike is a proud self-proclaimed nerd, with a background in both science and art. She loves Blues and Swing dancing, D&D, spreadsheets, cats, and a warm cup of tea (if she can remember to drink it before it’s cold). She is supportive and empathetic, and obsessed with learning (especially about ADHD).

Mike’s journey with ADHD began when she was diagnosed as a child. Like many, she was given a diagnosis and information about one medication option — no education, no skills training, and no idea what to expect. Her untreated ADHD was a constant companion through high school (where she excelled at difficult classes and struggled with easy ones), through college (where she changed her major once and her career plans three times), and into graduate school for genetics, where she finally found herself falling apart despite her love of the topic. Then someone shared an article about ADHD in adult women and it struck her like lightning. Contrary to what she had been told, ADHD didn’t just make her disorganized and daydreamy — it affected every aspect of her life.

Finding her academic environment to be highly unsupportive, she left it behind and transitioned to teaching Swing and Blues dance to adults full-time, eventually rising to the top of the field and traveling the world to teach. She loved the dynamic lifestyle, the novelty, the challenges, and getting to meet people of all different ages, backgrounds, and languages; she especially loved helping people identify their values and make progress toward their goals. Having such an unconventional career gave her a platform to be brutally honest about the challenges and victories she was having with ADHD, and she was shocked by how many brilliant, creative, kind people admitted they were struggling with ADHD as well.

After 15 years of teaching dance full-time, she became an ADHD coach. Her deep listening and communication skills, her commitment to supporting the values of her clients, and her empathy for those struggling with things that other people seemed to be able to “just do” transferred over immediately, and still inform her coaching today.

Mike loves to see her clients shed feelings of overwhelm, shame, and frustration — and instead experience curiosity, delight, and momentum.

Areas of Coaching Expertise:

Mike is an ADHD Coach and Executive Function Skills Coach who specializes in working with:

  • Adults
  • Adolescents
  • College/graduate school students
  • Parents of children with ADHD
  • Non-ADHD adults living/working with ADHD adults
  • Emotional intelligence and communication skills
  • Creativity and the Arts

Current Programs:

  • Summer Coaching Pod for 2E (Twice Exceptional)

Professional Training and Education:

  • Positive Psychology and Advanced ADHD Coach Training with MentorCoach
  • Life Coaching Training with The Coach Training Academy
  • International Coaching Certificate from the Certified Coaches Alliance

How to Meet with Mike

  • Virtual Zoom Meetings or Telephone
  • Schedule a complimentary get-acquainted session with Coach Mike to explore your coaching and support options

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