Abby Riley

Abby Riley

ADHD Coach and Life Coach, Executive Skills Coach
Coaching Minnesota and Worldwide

Abby is a Professional ADHD Coach and former teacher who enjoys helping high school students, college students, and adults with ADHD build confidence, discover and pursue their passions, and make day-to-day life feel more manageable. She especially loves the creative process of developing strategies with her clients that work best for their unique and powerful brains.

Abby was diagnosed with ADHD in college, where she was able to take advantage of her school’s academic coaching program. Her experience of working with a coach proved to be transformative and sparked her passion for supporting others in the neurodivergent community to unlock their own potential.

When she’s not coaching, Abby loves game nights with her family, and baking cookies at her family restaurant. She likes to get outside whenever she can, whether she’s dragging her kids on a long hike, or speeding around the Duluth trails on her mountain bike.

Abby’s favorite part of coaching is creating a space where her clients can be fully themselves, where they can feel comfortable sharing their positive and negative experiences in a safe and authentic way. Abby also loves seeing that “ah-ha!” moment when a lightbulb goes off for her clients, and they leave feeling a little more confident and a little more independent.

Areas of Coaching Expertise:

Abby is a Professional Life Coach, ADHD and Executive Function Skills Coach who specializes in working with:

Current Programs:

Professional Training and Education:

  • Mental Health First Aid 2022
  • JST Life Coach and ADHD Coaching Program: Empowering Students with ADHD
  • Candidate for Master of Arts in Education from Augsburg University
  • Licensed Special Education teacher

Client Testimonials

“Abby’s warmth, energy, wit, personal experience, and passion made it really easy and enjoyable to work with her. She helped me clarify my goals and potential roadblocks, gave great feedback and celebrated my wins, and challenged my negative thoughts and reminded me of my strengths. Abby offered her knowledge and experience but always affirmed my ideas and my own insights into my challenges and behavior. It was a bittersweet day when our sessions came to an end!”


“Working with you has had such a positive impact on my daughter! She’s getting more of an understanding of ADD and, best of all, she seems hopeful and positive for the first time in a long time. Last week, she was telling me about realizations she’s had and decisions she’s made to help deal with her problems. I was so happy to hear that because I think it is much more effective for her to come up with her own solutions than for me to impose rules that feel like punishments. This is really the first time she’s been inspired and empowered enough to come up with solutions and I think it is largely because of her work with you! Also, she does not open up easily – so the fact that you have even been able to engage her is a triumph.”

Karin (parent)

How to Meet with Abby

  • Virtual Zoom and Telephone Sessions
  • Schedule a complimentary get-acquainted session with Coach Abby to explore your coaching and support options

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