Brilliant Me & ADHD For Teens / Tweens

Brilliant Me & ADHD For Teens / Tweens

The Center for Living Well with ADHD is excited to announce our two-week workshop focused on helping teenagers better understand ADHD and how it impacts them individually, as well as learning the tools and tricks that make managing ADHD just a little bit easier.

Our program will focus on three key components:
Awareness, Acceptance, and Action

First, awareness of what ADHD is, how and where your ADHD is showing up, and the impact it is having on your life. Next, acceptance of the impacts of ADHD, and the fact that as someone living with ADHD, you will benefit from doing things a little bit differently than your neurotypical peers. As one teen client put it: “I know what I need to do, I just don’t want to need to do it…but I’m working on that part.” In Brilliant Me For Teens, we are going to be working on that part with you!! Last but not least is action. We will talk about shifting perspectives to see things differently and discovering different options for action. We will focus on reframing, building a growth mindset, and tools that have worked for us as coaches, as well as our clients to help participants get the idea train rolling.

There are Two Ways To Participate:
Enroll in Individual Workshop Sessions or All Six and Save


Fee: $57 per workshop or $247 for the entire workshop series
Includes 90-minute Sessions, Workbook, Slides, and Coach-Supported Private Community

Session Descriptions

Week One

Session 1: Straight Talk On ADHD


In this workshop, participants will be introduced to the science behind an ADHD diagnosis. They will learn about the unique chemical makeup of their brains, and how that impacts their abilities to self-regulate, focus, remember, and get things done. Participants will also have a safe space to ask questions. Upon completing this workshop, participants will have an increased awareness of the different ways in which ADHD impacts them in various aspects of their life. Participants will also begin the process of learning about themselves and the impact of their own voice through exercises such as the life wheel.

Session 2: Leaning On Your Strengths


In this workshop, participants will complete a strengths-based survey to learn more about themselves, and will also be introduced to additional tools to evaluate strengths. We will explore ways to leverage strengths in ways that help them succeed and to leverage their strengths in the most effective ways. Upon completing this workshop, participants will have an increased awareness of their strengths, as well as knowledge of different ways to implement their strengths to help them thrive with their ADHD.

Session 3: Building Essential Skills


In this workshop, participants will learn about building essential life skills, including executive function skills. They will evaluate their executive function skill sets and identify strengths and areas for improvement that will help with navigating school, work, and day-to-day life. Participants will develop a game plan to work on strengthening a particular skill as they finish up their summer. Upon completing this workshop, participants will have an increased awareness of essential skills for life and executive functioning, as well as some ideas and strategies to address them to help manage their ADHD.

Week Two

Session 4: Managing Emotions and Mindset


In this session, participants will be encouraged to specifically look at how & where their emotions impact their ability to make the choices they want. We will explore the likely culprits of feeling overwhelmed, such as ambiguity and all-or-nothing thinking. We will practice mindset shifts and how they can help us address our thoughts and emotions in productive ways. Upon completing this workshop participants will have an increased awareness of how overwhelm shows up for them, and strategies and tools to address overwhelm and other negative emotions. They will explore potential mindset shifts and tools to help them down-regulate with emotions in the future.

Session 5: Dealing with Procrastination


In this workshop participants will be encouraged to explore the presence and impacts of procrastination. They will discuss the culprits that keep them stuck and how it manifests in their day-to-day lives. We share tools to help participants find a path through procrastination to completing tasks that have historically been done at the last possible moment. Upon completing this workshop participants will have increased awareness of the likely reasons for procrastination, which tools are most likely going to help them, and how those tools are helping them compensate for their ADHD brain.

Session 6: The Big Review and Celebration


In our sixth and final workshop, we will review lessons learned from previous sessions, and identify key themes from the program as a whole. Participants will be encouraged to share stories of how and where they have seen their ADHD show up in the previous days and weeks with this newfound knowledge of what to look for. Participants will have the opportunity to ask questions and get clarity on any previously covered topics, and lastly, participants will have the opportunity to get coaching support around a specific issue as time allows.

Our 22 year old son was a bit reluctant at the idea of ADHD coaching or even a workshop. He wasn’t sure if this was what he needed or exactly how it could benefit him or how it would work. We discussed the idea of the Teen Workshop (even though he might be one of the oldest in the sessions) as a way to “try it out”.  It was a perfect fit for him – not a big time or financial commitment, but it really gave him a chance to understand more about his ADHD diagnosis, how it affects his life and how a coach might benefit him as he is trying to navigate his life with ADHD. Through this workshop, he could experience first hand what an ADHD coach could do for him. After completing the workshop, he was ready to start with some one-on-one coaching. If you or your child are wondering about the Center for Living Well with ADHD and their services – sign up for one of their workshops, it’s a great way to “try it out”.

Jodene M.

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