Adulting with ADHD | Small Group Coaching For Adults

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Who the group is for:

The Adulting with ADHD Group is geared toward folks in their 20s and 30s seeking ADHD-friendly approaches, support, and accountability for managing their ADHD. It is ideal for newly diagnosed or those just getting around to seriously addressing their ADHD.

The group covers important foundational topics for understanding and managing ADHD. Sessions combine learning, coaching, and group collaboration with built-in support and accountability. Participants are encouraged to create goals based on their needs and follow up on actions to achieve them.

How the group works:

  • Participants will receive a Jumpstart Coaching Session to onboard when they enroll.
  • Each member of the group is encouraged to create their own individualized goals and follow up on actions to achieve them throughout the program.
  • Sessions are a combination of learning, coaching, and group collaboration with built-in support and accountability.
  • Topics include – Your roadmap for navigating ADHD, learning how to leverage ADHD traits and strengths to your advantage, understanding and addressing executive function skill deficits, incorporating self-care and lifestyle hacks to improve your focus and personal effectiveness, addressing ADHD roadblocks and inevitable moments of procrastination, boosting motivation, positive mindset, and mindfulness for starters. Additional topics will be introduced based on participant interests.
  • Continue your support between sessions by collaborating with one another in our Private Member Site
  • Complimentary access to one new ADHD Class each month.
  • Three-month commitment to enroll.
  • Optional: Upgrade with an individual coaching session each month to extend your one-on-one coaching time

Coaching is not about finding the right system or planner, it’s not about hacking your brain. It’s about learning why you do things in the way you do them and accepting that. The way you do things isn’t wrong. It’s right for me and that’s okay. I’m now confident enough in myself to accept that and say that to other people.

Jackson, 32, diagnosed as an adult

“Before coaching I was fairly anxious, overwhelmed and worried I was going to lose my job. In the group, we got to know each other as participants and it became a trusting place to talk and relate to one another. ADHD wasn’t swept under the rug, it was front and center. The stuff we talked about stays with me as I navigate through my work and home life. Coaching was a GREAT thing to do when I stopped taking medication.” 

“If you’re considering coaching, here’s what I needed to hear: ‘Don’t think twice. Don’t overthink it, just try it out, there’s no harm in trying, just do it!'” 

Mary R., Colorado, newly diagnosed

“I joined this group already knowing a lot about ADHD because I had been diagnosed in middle school. But after graduating high school it was a lot harder to figure out why I’m not as productive or why can’t I do the same things as others. In these sessions, I looked forward to learning about myself even more. I found more motivation to do things and getting things done has improved significantly. I’m also more self-aware about my behavior.”

“This group will help you, figure out you, so you can navigate your life.”

Sean, 23, student

Riley Karbon, PCAC

ADHD Coach and Life Coach, Executive Skills Coach

Riley’s journey began in 2017 when she was diagnosed with ADHD as an adult. Her young nephews had been diagnosed and some of the solutions they were learning fit her life too! Now, finally, there was a reason for her struggle to get places on time, procrastinating on the less exciting parts of her consulting business, and never quite finishing laundry, especially when everyone around her seemed to deal with these issues seamlessly.

To get help tackling these problems, Riley started working with her own ADHD coach in 2018. She has experienced first-hand the wonders that ADHD coaching can do for creating a more calm, organized life while not stifling the creativity ADHD brings to our lives. Coaching was so life-changing, she became a coach herself!

Mike Leggett

Mike Legett

ADHD Coach and Life Coach, Executive Skills Coach

Mike’s journey with ADHD began when she was diagnosed as a child. Like many, she was given a diagnosis and information about one medication option — no education, no skills training, and no idea what to expect. Her untreated ADHD was a constant companion through high school, college, and into graduate school for genetics, where she finally found herself falling apart despite her love of the topic. Then someone shared an article about ADHD in adult women and it struck her like lightning. Contrary to what she had been told, ADHD didn’t just make her disorganized and daydreamy — it affected every aspect of her life.

Finding her academic environment to be highly unsupportive, she left it behind and transitioned to teaching Swing and Blues dance to adults full-time, eventually rising to the top of the field and traveling the world to teach. After 15 years of teaching dance full-time, she became an ADHD coach. Mike loves to see her clients shed feelings of overwhelm, shame, and frustration — and instead experience curiosity, delight, and momentum.