Kid’s Summer Club

Kid’s Summer Club


Having ADHD as a kid can have wonderful strengths such as creativity, hyperfocus, and spontaneity. And it can also be challenging, embarrassing, and hard to connect with others. In this kid’s group, they can surround themselves with others who are having similar challenges, deepen their learning about how their brain works, and discover strategies to cope with ADHD. This group provides opportunities to create deeper self-awareness, education about ADHD and how it manifests, and time to practice helpful coping skills. Coach Alicia creates a safe and engaging environment by using icebreakers, games, and activities to increase understanding, practice, and support. 

This group meets three times a month, for 45 minutes during July and August.

Participants range from ages 6 to 11. This group is a safe, inclusive, friendly space focusing on strengths. Limited to 4 participants.


  • A basic understanding of ADHD and how the brain works
  • Ability to identify emotions and strategies to support emotional regulation
  • Skills to build positive relationships
  • A increased self-awareness and mindfulness
  • A support network of peers with similar experiences


  • Six 45-minute live, interactive sessions
  • Handouts

Your Cost: $100 Non-refundable Deposit + two payments of $227 each

Next workshop coming soon!

Schedule a Quick Chat Meet with Coach Alicia to get acquainted, learn more about the program, and see if this group is the right move for your child