Purposeful Goal Setting & Strength Inspired Action with ADHD

Workshop: Purposeful Goal Setting &
Strength Inspired Action with ADHD

Purposeful Goal SettingIt’s always a great time to reflect on your goals and what you want to accomplish or experience differently.  Once that is figured out, the next step is to determine how to go about it. What we know is your chances for success increase exponentially when you approach the goal by integrating your strengths. 

Join us for this workshop, where we will help you get clear about a future goal. You will be encouraged to create a goal that can be accomplished in the next 4-6 weeks. Next, you will become your own strengths spotter as we walk you through five helpful approaches to identify your strengths. Then we teach you an ADHD friendly approach to apply your strengths to achieve your goal in the ways you are wired to win. 


  • 90-minute live, interactive virtual workshop
  • Workbook with slides provided
  • BONUS! 20-minute follow-up laser coaching session to use in the next 14 days

Your Cost is $15

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11 am Eastern | 10 am Central | 9 am Mountain | 8 am Pacific