Sensory Savvy: Learn to Thrive with Sensory Differences


Are you easily overwhelmed by your surroundings?
Do everyday sounds, textures, smells, visual stimuli, or unexpected touch bother you?
Do sensory processing challenges get in the way of enjoying your daily activities?

If so,  you are not alone!  

Sensory differences are very common among neurodiverse learners and can significantly impact daily functioning. The good news is that there are strategies you can learn to help you manage these challenges and make everyday life a bit easier. As an ADHD coach and registered occupational therapist specializing in ADHD and neurodiversity, I understand the unique needs and experiences of individuals with sensory differences. Together, we can explore your unique sensory needs, develop practical strategies to navigate sensory overload and unlock your potential for a more fulfilling everyday life.

This coaching program is designed to help you:

  • Understand your Sensory Profile and how it impacts daily functioning, well-being, and the ability to self-regulate.
  • Explore your unique sensory preferences and discover opportunities to adapt your experiences for greater emotional well-being.
  • Identify your sensory triggers and develop actionable strategies so you can feel more in control of how you react.
  • Develop a Sensory Toolkit to help you manage overwhelm, sensory overload, and an enhanced ability to self-regulate on a daily basis.

This five-session coaching package includes:

  • One 60-minute Jumpstart Session
    Exploration of daily functioning and introduction of sensory processing concepts.
  • Four 50-minute Coaching Sessions
    Build on awareness as we develop uniquely designed tools and strategies to boost self-regulation capabilities
  • Sensory Profile
    Questionnaire and Summary Report to identify your threshold and self-regulation style.
  • Sensory Preferences and Triggers Profile  
    Questionnaire and Summary Report
  • Sensory Break and Environmental Modifications Suggestions
    Helping you to self-regulate outside of sessions
  • Sensory Toolkit and SOS Plan
    Helping you to self-regulate outside of sessions
  • Added resources to support your learning and action
  • An option to continue your coaching support upon completion  

How We Meet: Virtually on Zoom 

Your coaching sessions will be arranged with Coach Andrea upon registration.


Andrea Yellinek, MS, OTR/L, CACP - Center for Living Well with ADHD

Andrea Yellinek

ADHD Coach and Life Coach, Executive Skills Coach

Coach Andrea brings her expertise and insight as a credentialed ADHD Coach and a registered occupational therapist with over 2 decades of experience helping individuals with executive function challenges related to ADHD and other conditions maximize their potential.