Relationship Reboot Workshop Series For Couples

Hey there, Couples!

  • Is the presence of ADHD leading to frequent upsets and frustrations?
  • Have you lost the ability to communicate well?
  • Do responsibilities and initiative seem out of balance?
  • Are feelings of shame and sensitivity complicating your time together?
  • Are you searching for a way to strengthen your relationship or marriage?

We have learned that the presence of ADHD can take a toll on any relationship, especially couples.

Over time life gets busier and more demanding. We have lots of roles and responsibilities that didn’t exist starting together. Life becomes more complicated, which in turn can make our ADHD symptoms worse and lead to more significant, chronic problems. Over time the day-to-day setbacks can complicate and erode who we are and what we experience as a couple. This can lead to breakups, separation, and even divorce without the proper support.

It just doesn’t have to be that way!

What if you could work together to restore the joy and peace in your relationship?

What if you could work on actionable goals and approaches to create more balance?

What if your conversations didn’t always lead to arguments, disagreements and hurt?

What would happen if you discovered ways to work together as a team?

What if ADHD in the relationship was a source of strength and brilliance?

Are you ready for that?

This 3-Part Workshop Series will explore the six key areas of focus for couples to strengthen their relationship.

Could coaching support make a difference in your relationship?

Our workshops are for couples who want to roll up their sleeves and work together to create something better than what they are currently experiencing.

We bring you more insight and understanding about ADHD and its impact on relationships. We bring you the coach approach to develop your goals as a couple, design the actions to achieve them, and provide the support and accountability to help you create better times together.

Our program is not counseling! That is to say; we don’t solve the big problems of the past. We don’t provide the therapy to help you process deeply ingrained emotions and trauma. We know that coaching and therapy complement but do not replace the needs of our ADHD tribe.

Workshop Schedule:

Workshop 1: Your Fresh Start – ADHD Primer for Couples

The more you understand the facts and dispel the myths and misunderstandings around ADHD, the better. Get ready to be empowered to live and love from a place of understanding and compassion about the presence of ADHD. We will focus on what’s happening both above and below the surface, and break down the five most common misunderstandings that harm your relationship. From there, we dive into the power of mindset to help ground you as a couple for more momentum moving forward. Together, you will develop a “Future Us” vision of how you want to be together and cultivate the relationship you intended to have from the outset. 

  • Meets on April 9th and 16th
  • 4:00 pm to 5:30 pm Central
  • Cost:  $147 (Includes both partners)
  • Option to purchase a 3-pack or 5-pack of couples coaching sessions for ongoing support to implement desired changes as needed.

Workshop 2: Better Communications – Fewer Emotional Upsets

Communications and Emotions are two big hot spots for couples impacted by ADHD.  In this module, you will learn about the top five communication blunders and the emotional roadblocks that derail your conversations.  Leverage the strategies and skills you will learn to increase the collaboration and effectiveness of your communications while keeping your cool and your conversations on target with outcomes intended.

  • Meets on April 23rd and 30th
  • 4:00 pm to 5:30 pm Central.  
  • Cost:  $147 (includes both partners)
  • Option to purchase a 3-pack or 5-pack of couples coaching sessions for ongoing support to implement desired changes as needed.

Workshop 3: Strengths Based Collaboration for a Happier, Healthier Balance

Many couples complain of unhealthy relationship dynamics. We explore unique differences in how you think, your strengths, your values, what you bring to the equation, and how you approach each of your roles and responsibilities in the authentic ways you are wired to win. Then we work on illuminating the roles and responsibilities that create a better balance as you organize and negotiate who does what. With this clarity, you can learn the best approaches to partner in leader, supporter, or co-leaders roles using our proven approaches for getting things done.

  • Meets on May 7th and May 14th
  • 4:00 pm to 5:30 pm Central.  
  • Cost:  $147 (includes both partners)
  • Option to purchase a 3-pack or 5-pack of couples coaching sessions for ongoing support to implement desired changes as needed.

Need More Information?

Schedule a chat with Coach Robin or Coach Kat to learn more about the program, and decide if participating in this workshop series is the right move for you. 

Is our timing bad?  You may be able to arrange to work with Coach Kat or Coach Robin privately as a couple.  Set up a get-acquainted session with either of them to explore other options.

Our marriage of 19 years would have ended had we not found this program. Just the understanding of what was really happening with my husband’s ADHD alone helped with the resentment building up. I realized it is not about him not caring, but how we needed to try things differently for life to work for both of us.  
Elizabeth N.

San Francisco, CA

Our communications were easily derailed by emotions. It wasn’t just my wife’s ADHD either. It was also my anxiousness and perspective about the problems that would get in the way.  We struggled to make big decisions. Many of the topics and needs we tried to tackle were often left unresolved. In couples coaching, we learned how to keep our emotions in check and use the communication strategies that worked well for both of us.

Jason H.

Minneapolis, MN

We both had ADHD. Life was chaotic to say the least. Being a part of this program helped us sort out our roles and responsibilities based on our strengths. It was an immediate game changer for the balance and tranquility lacking in our home.

Brandon and Kimi K.

Chicago, IL

Meet Your Coaches

Robin Nordmeyer, PCAC CLC | ADHD Coach | Center For Living Well with ADHD, LLC

Robin Nordmeyer, PCAC, CLC

ADHD Coach and Life Coach, Executive Skills Coach, Owner/Founder

Robin is passionate about the impact of ADHD on couples and their relationships. She brings to this program her insights on 35 years of marriage as an ADHD partner, married to a non-ADHD partner. She has worked with many individuals and couples over the last 12 years struggling in their relationships to help them experience something better through ADHD Coaching. Robin partnered with colleague, Joyce Kubik, and together they developed and led an 8-week workshop and research study called Marriage Uncomplicated: Bringing Back The Joy of Relationships with ADHD. The workshop was conducted multiple times over four years and is now in the works of sharing the data and publication. Many of the insights and approaches found to be helpful in the study are integrated into the Relationship Reboot Workshop Series.

Katherine Jahnke | ADHD Coach | Center For Living Well with ADHD, LLC

Katherine Jahnke

ADHD Coach and Life Coach, Executive Skills Coach, Owner/Founder

My coaching with parents and adults addresses issues at work as well as home around such things as life balance with their non-ADHD spouse, organizational issues, communication, managing their time, living a life in alignment with their values, and emotional regulation just to name a few.  And there is a special calling that tugs my heart to work with women with ADHD. Because they feel without value as wives and mothers when they can’t manage their households and take care of those they love. And worthless is just not their truth!