Discover Your Best Career Fit – For ADHD Adults

Discover Your Best Career Fit

Navigate Your Future: Map Out Your Next Career Steps

Finding a job that fits you well is so important with ADHD. That’s why we are excited to be offering the Discover Your Best Career Fit Workshop.

In this dynamic workshop series, you will work and learn along with other participants, complete simple assessments between sessions, share your results with others, and take steps to position yourself for your next career move. It’s time to be proactive about your future!

Who this Program is For:

  • Employees who are questioning their job fit or dissatisfied with their current job and curious about what type of position to consider next.
  • Career Changers dissatisfied with their current career.
  • Career Movers seeking a promotion or job change in the company.
  • Unemployed job seeker who needs to get unstuck and discover What’s Next
  • Self-Employed business owners who want to position their business

Some of the questions you will consider:

  • What type of role will I target next in my job search?
  • What strengths and skills will I bring to my next job?
  • What is my value to prospective employers?

Workshop Outcomes:

  • Assess your level of satisfaction and get clear on what is working and not working in your current job.
  • Use a variety of assessment tools from each workshop session so you can position yourself to make your next career move by finding the right job fit. We will cover the theory and how to use each of the tools introduced. You will have time to learn and share your results with other workshop participants.
  • Identify your strengths so that you will be able to evaluate jobs that align with your top strengths. You will gain clarity about what you do best.
  • Learn about why values are important and identify and prioritize the values that are most important to you in a job or career.
  • Identify your skills and prioritize the skills you want to use to choose a job that aligns with your “preferred skills”.  You have skills that are transferable to other jobs that you may not have thought about.
  • Discover your work personality and how your brain wiring influences your career fit.
  • Create your own one-page Career Profile to find the job that fits with your top strengths, your preferred skills,  your most important values, and how you are wired to thrive and succeed in the career you want.

Workshop Logistics:

How We Meet: Held virtually by Zoom Meetings

Next workshop coming soon!

Investment: Two Payments of $297 each or save money when you pay in full, only $527

Take The First Step:

Victoria Roche, MSW, PCCSchedule a no-pressure 10-minute chat with Coach Victoria to determine if this is the right workshop for you.  Click here to schedule.

Or send Coach Victoria an email at

“I knew I wanted to make a career move and wasn’t quite sure how to get started or what to do. I was overwhelmed, a bit scared, and spinning my wheels. I would recommend ‘Discover Your Best Career Fit’ to people who are looking to find work that better aligns with their values and interests. Victoria provided great tools for insight and covered a variety of things such as my strengths, values, transferable skills, and actions to take toward networking within a helpful structure.”


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