Cleaning, Chores, and Organizing, Oh My!

Cleaning, Chores, and Organizing, Oh My!

Mastering the “home stuff” when you have ADHD

Cleaning, Chores, and Organizing, Oh My!Hey ADHDers! If you feel overwhelmed, frustrated, and defeated by home maintenance, or it feels impossible to keep things organized in your home, this 90-minute workshop is for you! Coaches Riley and Alicia will go further than just providing tips, and instead teach you the principles of organizing your home to make maintaining, tidying, and cleaning ADHD-possible. We will go room by room with specific advice for how to tackle each one and also address how to advocate for these principles when living with someone else.


  • Discover ADHD-possible principles for organizing and maintaining a home
  • Learn room-specific strategies to make chores easier
  • Cultivate self-advocacy for navigating living with others and setting practical expectations


  • 90-minute live, interactive virtual workshop
  • Workshop Handout
  • BONUS! 20-minute follow-up laser coaching session when you attend live to use in the next 14 days

Your Cost is $15

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