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During the last Ask Robin event, I was asked about how to handle the changes and keep up with the next demands when switching from summer to fall.  September can be a very busy time of year as the summer comes to a close.  For many of us our kids are heading back to school and getting involved in new extracurricular activities.  As adults we may be facing an increased number of meetings to attend or travel that ramps up for the fall. Bottom line, the changes that come with any new season are many and can feel overwhelming to keep track of and manage with a change in our schedules.     

One approach that has been a lifesaver in our family is the kitchen calendar and a routine for checking in for the day. Our calendar is fairly big, has ample space to record information for each day, and includes information for every family member.  It helps us keep information easily retrievable and in one place.  It helps the kids develop their future focus and anticipate changes in their activities.  Most importantly it helps all of us stay on track with knowing what comes next, keep our commitments, and coordinating the day to day logistics.  

We have created a routine that really works and I would like to share that with you here.  

  • Once a quarter, my spouse and I pull together all the details for our family's commitments and walk through the next three months.  We include anything that might impact our family as a whole.  This includes upcoming travel plans, work schedules, kid's commitments, nights out and more.  By doing this, we set the stage for avoiding conflicts and remembering important details.
  • Once a week, usually on Sunday's at dinner, we review the week ahead with our kids and sort out any logistics.  This has helped our children anticipate what's coming up and learn how to focus beyond the day at hand.   Future focus can be difficult for those with AD/HD. By including your kids you are helping them to learn a valuable life skill.  
  • Each morning, my spouse and I review the day at hand before heading in our separate directions.  This helps us with communication and making sure we are on the same page.   One or both of us will do the same quick review with each child as they start their day, or better yet, the night before.  
  • Changes will happen and you will experience a few bumps in the road.  But what we found is this approach has lessened many of the frustrating and upsetting moments with unanticipated change, miscommunication, and forgetting altogether.    



Is there an organization project in your future?  Consider joining our next Adult Support Group starting September 18th and ending October 16th, 2014.  Meetings are held live and online Thursdays from 12 noon to 1:30 pm central.  Each session includes information on organizational strategies and tips that work well for those with AD/HD.  Each participant will choose an organization project that is important to them, and receive the support and accountability they need to complete the project as a group.   


CHADD Parent to Parent Family Training starts up this month.   I can't say enough about the value of this program to help parents of newly diagnosed children.  You now have two options for attending the fall workshop series.  

  • The first option is to register for the in-person live training in Burnsville, MN on Sunday afternoons. We begin September 7th, 2014, and meet from 1-3 pm for six sessions.  If you miss the start you will have access to future make up sessions.  
  • The second option is a new pilot program with a combination of virtual training sessions and eight live action focused support group sessions to reinforce what you learn.  These sessions are held in Apple Valley, MN on Thursdays beginning September 18th, 2014.  We meet from 10-11:30 am central.  The first half of our meeting includes the CHADD training.  The second half of our meeting is a support group approach to address AD/HD related challenges with parenting and supporting the needs of your child(ren).
  • If you have taken the CHADD Parent to Parent Training previously, this option is a great follow-up opportunity for continued support.  Ask Robin about the option of attending the support group sessions at a reduced rate.  


JUMP START Back To School Program.  Was last year in school difficult for your child?  Get a great start to the new year with the Jump Start Back To School Program.   This program includes:

  • Your Discovery Session:   Our opportunity to get to know each other and learn about your strengths, your learning and organizational styles, your challenges with school and what you hope to experience differently in the new year.
  • Organizing for Success Session:   Learn how to organize your backpack, notebooks, planner system, locker and homework space for success in a way that works best for you and how you think.
  • Routines for Success Session:  Setting up routines and processes that will help you with keeping track of assignments and school work, getting your homework done and tracking your progress.
  • Learning For Success Sessions: We will spend the next three sessions exploring and learning about ADD-friendly approaches to take tests, get your reading assignments done, write papers and work on math in ways that favors your own learning style.

Clients walk away with new approaches and a customized reference book to remember what they learned for use in the new year.  Plus, they become established clients and can come back for additional coaching or tune ups as they need it.


Next Ask Robin Event:  My goal with coaching is to provide support options regardless of income.   Ask Robin is a free one hour Q&A session where you can call in and get your questions answered. The next call in date is Friday, September 19th from 12 noon to 1 pm Central.   You must pre-register for the call at www.livingwellwithadhd.com. 

You may also get your questions answered with a Free Initial Consultation by telephone, virtual meeting, or in-person.  Check my calendar for available appointment times.

More Questions?  E-mail Robin@LivingWellWithADHD.com to learn how coaching might be helpful for you.  

Meanwhile, I wish you a great September and look forward to being a resource for you.  

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Robin Nordmeyer
Certified Life Coach and ADHD Coaching Specialist
Certified CHADD Parent to Parent Family Trainer
Life Ahead Coaching, LLC