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Yippee!   March is just around the corner.  And, with March comes the spring.  And, with spring comes the symbolism of renewal and growth.  Love it! 

Do you anticipate the arrival of spring as much as we do? For us, personal growth is our passion no matter what season, but there’s something about this time of year that feels so magical.  In this issue, we arm you with a set of questions to help you with your personal growth, share some updates for the Center, a free gift to download and more.  

Here's to you and the ways you are Wired to WinTM with your ADHD!

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Moving Forward with ADHD

bridging goalsWhether you are the adult looking to make changes in your life, the student struggling in school, or the parent unsure how to help, there is a way forward.  It’s called Bridging.  Bridging comes with setting up the right sized goals, receiving the right kind of support, exploring the right approaches and strengthening the right skills to build on incremental success. Before you start down that road, it is important to develop the understanding and awareness that gives you a healthier perspective and a better approach.

Here is an example:  Sometimes, we look around us and notice others being successful or easily accomplishing tasks where we struggle. We might think, “Why is doing this so easy for them, but so difficult for me. "Why can I work so hard at this, just to end up getting knocked down again on a different day." There are a lot of important answers for this, that builds on your understanding and awareness of what you experience.  Without it, the negative thinking that may result can sabotage our sense of self and our outlook on what is truly possible.   With it, you develop a healthier perspective...that opens the doors to growth and personal development.  Maybe you have heard the quote:

 Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”  This quote was attributed to Albert Einstein in the book, The Rhythm of Life: Living Every Day with Passion and Purpose by Matthew Kelly

Guess what, you are not stupid because you have ADHD. To the contrary, individuals with ADHD are often very bright and have the best intentions but are stuck trying to win as the ‘fish climbing the tree’.  If you approach your goals the way everyone else does versus the ways you are naturally wired to be successful you might end up sabotaging your perspective and outlook.  With ADHD, it’s not about trying harder, just applying yourself as just doing as everyone else does.  Your secret to success begins with learning how to approach your life and goals in the way you are truly Wired to WinTM.  Understanding your version of ADHD, creativity and unique brain wiring holds the secrets.  Then, taking the time to systematically bridge your way to success.

Do you have some changes or goals you would like to accomplish this spring?

Here are a series of questions that can help you focus on your goals and bridge your way forward.  

What is the goal?  Write it down and keep your intention in front of you.  Connect to why the goal is so important to you to battle doubt and indifference.  Create visuals to keep you mindful and hopeful.

How much of a stretch is the goal for you?  If it feels a little difficult or overwhelming, break your bigger goal into smaller more manageable goals that you can focus on one at a time.   Note where you are now and what would be the next win.  Your first win, fuels your next win, fuels the next win… 

What actions will get you there?  Brainstorm the tactics and steps  that will help you reach the goal? Start without judgement and just write down what you think of.   Cross out what is not realistic for you after you brainstorm.  Maybe ask for feedback from someone who gets your ADHD and can provide positive encouragement and support.   Pick the best course of action for you from the list. No actions, no accomplishment, no growth.

What do I need for support to get started?  This is where the bridging begins.  You want to build in natural supports and short cuts that help you get going.  The aim is to level the playing field for quick wins and measures of success.  It’s so important to acknowledge, celebrate and take it in. Your first win, fuels your next win, fuels your next win…

What strengths can I use to help me with this?  Strengths spotting is crucial.  Look for clues in past successes, apply the upside of your ADHD traits when you can. The more you can use those natural ways you stand out and win, the better. 

What strategies and approaches will help me accomplish my goal?  Trying to do things the way everyone else does may be counterproductive with your ADHD brain wiring.  It’s guaranteed, to lead to frustration, slow you down, and all the negative thinking that results.  Approach your goal from the framework of what works best for those with ADHD. There are a lot of amazing people out there who have figured that and have created amazing levels of success in their life. 

What do I need for ongoing structure, support and accountability?  Set the stage for your success.  What structure, supports and accountability can you bridge and build into the process to keep moving forward on your goal?  

We hope you will find this process helpful. In case it feels a little complex or overwhelming, consider ADHD Coaching to help you.  Consider our workshop Accomplished with ADHD to get started.  Accomplished with ADHD is a four week virtual program that addresses the understanding, awareness, support and accountability mentioned in this article. The program is a small virtual group, that can help you get going on your goals.  It's a great jumpstart program whether you are into individual or group coaching.  Get empowered, experience more success.  Click here to learn more about the workshop and enroll in the next group.   


How can we help you?  

Each of us offers a complimentary get acquainted session to explore what coaching is and how it might be of support to help you accomplish your specific goals and desired outcomes. 

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Until then, all our best to you and your families.  

And never forget,  you are already Wired to WinTM with ADHD.  

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