Imagine yourself heading out on a road trip, where you spontaneously decide to get in the car and go.  

You have no set destination, no plan and no map. How you navigate and anticipate what is to come is limited to what you see in front of you. You proceed based on past experience.  You just go and encounter what comes your way, good and bad.  While your trip has the potential to be a rewarding adventure, you will be in a reactive mode for most of the journey.

Now imagine going on a road trip where you have made a thoughtful decision to go.  

But before starting, you do some planning, buy a map and anticipate a few stops and exploits along the way.  You make sure you have the appropriate resources.   In other words, you plan and ensure you have what you need to maximize your experience.  This trip offers high potential for adventure, and you will be mostly proactive, each stretch of the way.

What trip would you rather take?

Now, imagine your life as the trip, where the experiences during each stretch of the way are just as important as where you are heading.   You can just wake up each day and go for it, hoping life treats you well.  Or you could decide to think ahead about where you are heading and develop your plan and roadmap on how to get there…Boom-Future Focus.”

Whether the focus is next week, month, year or longer, the odds of enhancing experiences in your journey and being fulfilled when you arrive will be much greater.  Experiencing your best life is a balance of being both proactive and reactive.  The unpredictable will happen, but you will be in a better place to manage it and stay on track with your desires and dreams.

Some individuals are really good at “Future Focus.” 

They can live in the moment and they can work at a desirable vision for both short and long term goals while remaining aligned to their values, passion and purpose. They have an effective plan and roadmap on how to accomplish these goals and can incorporate next steps into their present day.  They most likely will experience a greater sense of satisfaction and fulfillment about who they are and what they accomplish in life.

Some individuals may struggle with “Future Focus.” 

They may get caught up in the present moment and have difficulty seeing beyond the present day or week ahead. They may have difficulty connecting what happens in the present to what they want in their future.   Without “Future Focus” life is mostly reactive, and unfolds with prolonged and unnecessary stress while experiencing life.  Without strong “Future Focus” individuals are at a higher risk of experiencing missteps, dissatisfaction, and regret which takes its toll on their compassion and love for themselves and their life.

What do you want for your life ahead?  Do you have a clear focus on what you want in your future and a plan to get there?  If not, coaching is a great resource to help you develop your “Future Focus”, plan and road map your journey and destinations to experience your personal best in life ahead.  As your coach, I can partner with you and assist in clarifying your vision, your values, and your goals for life ahead. I can help you develop “actionable” steps to get there. 

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Are you ready to experience more “Future Focus” in your life?  Here is one way to help you get started!  Click here to get my future focus coaching exercise and get started today.

All my best in your life journey ahead!

Robin Nordmeyer
Certified Life Coach and ADHD Coach
Life Ahead Coaching, LLC