Living and Working Well From Home

Our last weekly updates email kicked off a four-part series sharing tips on what helps with learning and working from home.  The first part focused on tips to help stage your environment for more success.  This second part explores ADHD friendly ways to approach what you do to help you get more done.  Each of the approaches can be helpful for students or adults working from home.

Part 2 - Helpful ADHD - Friendly Approaches

Beginning with the day's roadmap - Map out the flow of your day and to-do's in checklist fashion before you start your day.  Some prefer to do this when wrapping up the day before. Think of this activity as your cognitive dress rehearsal for a productive day.  When you can see your time, it's easier to plan the best time for your day's intentions.  Better yet, the checklist gives you a roadmap to follow as your day progresses.  When you catch yourself off track, no problem --  look at the map.

Avoid Overplanning - Some of us get into a trap of overplanning our to-do list on a routine basis. The challenge is that we have the best intentions -- just not enough time in the day to get it all done.  Having too many undone's can wear on an individual and lead to feelings of overwhelm. Try picking your top three priorities. Then park the 'extras' in a designated place, such as a planner or whiteboard. When you finish the first three, refer back to the parked list and add to your day as time permits.

Motivational Pairing - This is a great strategy especially when working on the boring and tedious stuff. Consider ways to boost your interest and energy as you approach your work.  Examples of motivational pairing might include listening to music, scooping up your gear to work outside, watching a TV show as you fold laundry, being able to walk while you talk on a conference call, a reward following dedicated time working on what we would rather do later.

POP Cues - Point of Performance (POP) cues are helpful with remembering what you need to do or plan to work on in the moment you need to remember.  Use auditory or visual cues to grab your attention and remind you of what actions to take.  One of my favorites is a small sticky note with my next priority or top three anchored to my laptop.  

We hope you find one or more of these helpful.  Next up will be Time Management Strategies to learn and work at home.

Upcoming Programs

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Productive Days Mastermind

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