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September 2019


  • When Overwhelm Keeps You Stuck - 3 Causes and Breakthrough Strategies
  • New Research Study and Coaching Opportunity -- Marriage Uncomplicated
  • Meet our new Coach, Kristine Shiverick
  • Updates:  Workshops and Programs for your support

When Overwhelm Keeps You Stuck
3 Causes and Breakthrough Strategies - Part 1

StepsOverwhelm is real and can happen to anyone. When you have ADHD, overwhelm can lead to our brains shutting down. We may start looking for distractions to avoid accomplishing what we need to do.  Hence procrastination.

Here are three situations that trigger emotional overwhelm and some ideas on how to handle to get more done.

(1) Distracting Thoughts - All that non-linear thinking can be distracting making it difficult to stay focused on the task at hand. Clear your head with a brain-dump.  One way of handling this is to grab a blank sheet of paper and write everything down you are mentally trying to navigate.  This becomes your 'parking lot' of thoughts, clearing your head to help you stay focused.  Another option is to open a word document on your computer and type it up as you think.  

(2) Difficulty With Prioritizing - With so many things we want and need to do, it can be hard to figure out what to work on first.  Learn how to categorize your tasks based on urgency and importance.  Note which of the tasks on your list are important. Of those, which need to be handled immediately, and which should be started as soon as possible.  Always start with the to-do's that are important and urgent at the time when your brain is at it's peak performance.  This is also true for the tasks you dread -- you know, the boring and tedious ones that make you want to procrastinate.

(3) Not Knowing Where to Start - Maybe you know what's important but have difficulty getting started because you don't know where to start, especially with multi-step projects.  Or maybe you are stuck with all or none thinking and you realize there isn't enough time. So you decide to wait. Learning how to plan and organize a project is an important skill.  A favorite approach is to mind map the process.  Take out a blank sheet of paper. Draw a circle in the middle. Write the name of the project inside the circle. Around the perimeter write out the steps you are aware of to complete the project.  Next look at each step and see if it needs to be broken down into smaller steps.  Usually when you do this, you are able to step back, review the mind map and find a logical starting point.  Make it a small step to help you get started.  If you are dreading the job or feel you don't have enough time, take the step right away or proceed one step at a time to keep making progress.

We hope you have found these ideas helpful. Stay tuned for our next newsletter when we address three more.




New Research Study - Marriage Uncomplicated:
Bringing Back The Joy in Relationships with ADHD

Marriage Uncomplicated

How do you keep relationships together when one of the partners has ADHD? More often than not, when one partner struggles with ADHD, so does the non-ADHD partner. If not addressed, the strain on the marriage may lead to separation or divorce. This new research study and coaching program is designed to help. Coaches Robin Nordmeyer and Joyce Kubik have created this dynamic program to be of support to couples impacted by ADHD.  Program starts September 25th. More info here...

Meet Kristine

Kristine Shiverick, M.Ed., ACG, CACP, is an ADHD/Executive Function coach practicing in Wisconsin.  Kristine is passionate about helping her clients understand their uniquely wired brains and focus on the areas of their lives where they would like to make changes. Kristine helps her clients to see possibilities more clearly, as they learn to create their own recipe for success. Kristine coaches students, parents and adults using a strengths based approach.  Read more about Kristine here.

Welcome Kristine!

Happening This Month...

Accomplished PeopleAccomplished with ADHD One Day Workshops:  You may already get that individuals with ADHD are bright and have lots of potential.  So, with all that potential and brilliance, why is it so hard to accomplish the results and success we desire? Spend the day with us and learn how to navigate life the way you are wired to win. Learn how to break through the barriers and roadblocks that stand in your way of living your potential. Scheduled to meet in Minneapolis, Texas, Virtual Meeting and more locations coming in October. Click here to learn more.


Open HouseOur Ask-An-ADHD Coach Open House option is now private.

Each Friday morning, we open up our calendar for you to schedule your own private conversation with one of our coaches.  Bring your questions about ADHD. It's also a great time to get acquainted with our coaches. Learn more about ADHD and executive function skills coaching and how it can be a game changer.  Having a diagnosis of ADHD is not required!  No obligation, just support.  Click here to access our calendar


DeCluttered at Last Fall Book ClubDeCluttered at Last!
Book Club and Coaching Circle:  

Is getting organized and clearing the clutter on your mind?  We started the fall book club program September 12th. Our next session is this Thursday (September 19th).  Did you miss the start date and still hoping to join the group? Sessions you miss are recorded and all materials are available in the private member site.  Click here to learn more.
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That's all for now.  We wish you all well and hope you are enjoying the fall season.

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