Greetings!  Along with the heralding of Spring, the Center for Living Well With ADHD would like to dedicate our newsletter to  mothers, the unsung heroines of our time. Today’s world makes that ever so challenging role even more challenging and we want to honor women who are mothers, have mothers or want to be mothers.

For women with ADHD or for women who experience ADHD in their families, our hats are off to you as you face the daily challenges that you experience in your role as Mom.

We would like to offer some thoughts for your health and well-being and we suggest that you make yourself a priority (along with your many other priorities) this month.  Read our feature article below. 

And if you are not a woman, we have many other ways to be of support to you too.  Check out our Brilliant Me! Wired to Win with Adult ADHD program, our free Virtual Open House, and the many ways we support adults, parents, college students and young children too. (see below)

Here’s to all Moms everywhere!  Happy Mother’s Day!!


Here's To You Mom!  by Kay Axtell

In both of my careers, I’ve worked exclusively with exceptional children. First, as a Special Education teacher and later as an ADHD Life coach. I love these kids, I understand these kids and I’ve made it my life’s work to help others understand them as well.

This Mother’s Day I would like to focus on and honor their moms.  As a special education teacher, prior to my career as a coach, I got to know the parents of my students.  As an ADHD Life coach for students of all ages I’ve learned that developing a relationship and maintaining a certain level of communication with parents is key in working with my young clients, whether they are elementary or high school students or young adults.  

Over the years, in my role as “team player” with the parents of my students or my clients, I ‘ve witnessed the incredible amount of time and energy expended by these women who will do just about anything to “do right” by their child. They want their children to be successful and happy.  Sadly, they often feel that their children’s performance in school, at home and in the real world is a reflection on their parenting.

In the families that I work with as an ADHD coach, Moms often have ADHD as well.  This can create additional stress and overwhelm. “How can I remind my child to do chores when I forget to remind them?  How can I expect them to make their bed or keep their room somewhat organized when the dishes are piling up, the laundry isn’t done or I struggle with managing my clutter throughout the house?  How can I expect them to be ready for school on time when I can’t seem to get it together to get out the door on time? “

Some Moms with ADHD who have children with ADHD experience their own level of stress because they have learned to manage their challenges with strategies that work for them.   “Why doesn’t my child just write things down in the planner I gave them? Why don’t they just set reminders in their phones to make sure they get places on time? I understand their ADHD.  I have the same thing. Why don’t they just do what I do so that their life is more successful?”

For Moms who do not have ADHD, the situation is equally maddening, if not more so.  I just don’t understand why my child doesn’t just get a task (like homework) done so that they can enjoy the rest of the evening?  Why can’t they just do it or remember to do it? Why do they resist using strategies and tools that work?”

In addition to the emotional and physical energy required to parent kids with ADHD or other challenges, the situation can cause extreme stress on a marriage at times. Parents often have different opinions regarding how to best manage or support this child.

As a teacher, and now as a coach, I want to honor all mothers of kids with ADHD or Executive Function challenges.  I hear you! I feel your pain! As a token of my enormous respect for you, I would offer this question: What can you do on a consistent basis for YOU?

  • Take some time for just you.  You can parent your child more effectively if you put your oxygen mask on first.  Neglecting yourself can cause resentment toward your family. Put a time and date on your calendar to do something just for you.
  • Make that time by saying  “No” to some shoulds in your life.
  • Trade off some of your duties with another parent of an exceptional child so that they too might have some “Me Time”.
  • Spend some quality time with your child, just the two of you.  It is amazing how much more agreeable a child can be when they receive that coveted prize of attention from you to them alone.
  • Spend some quality time with your spouse.  This is an opportunity to focus on one other without the distractions of parenting.
  • If you are a single mom, time for yourself might be even more critically important.  You have responsibilities beyond the norm and this probably is not what you signed up for as a Mom.

If you are the mother of an exceptional child, give yourself a Mother’s Day gift of time just for you.

If you are a Mom with ADHD, check out our Masterful Women with ADHD group.  This might just be one way to carve out that special place, just for you.


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