Gotta Love Summer! 

It can't already be mid-July! Yikes!  Our hopes are that you and your families have been enjoying your summer and making the most of this fun season. These are examples of the fun memories summer brings our way. Summer vacations, bonfires, sports camps, hanging out at the lake or pool, being able to sleep in a little more, concerts in the park, special occasions with friends and family, laid-back days, state fair and more. We hope your summer is bringing you many fun, special occasions and memories too.  

couple chattingNow looking fall transitions

Right about this time, we are aware the summer is quickly coming to an end. While determined to finish our summer strong, we also realize the importance of surveying what lies ahead and creating a plan to prepare for inevitable changes to our responsibilities, routines and schedules as we get closer to the fall. 

  • Students may be heading off to school soon, navigating all that comes with it.
  • Adults begin to anticipate an increase in the pace and responsiblities at work.  
  • Parents look forward to opportunities to regroup and work on their own self-care and goals.
  • What do you anticipate for transition in the fall?

Here are a few ideas on how to tackle transition in your home: 

Begin asking questions to plant the seeds of change.  Create an opportunity for one on one time with your significant other or child and begin the conversation to explore upcoming changes.  This will help to build awareness and shift attention to what lies ahead.  Here are a few questions to get you started:

  • What kinds of new activities or experiences are you interested in?
  • What are you excited about or looking forward to?
  • What are you nervous about or dreading?

Reflect on past experiences and their wins and challenges. Inventory individual strengths and executive function weaknesses that contributed to past experiences. This will help to identify opportunities for personal growth that will support future success.

  • What do you remember that worked well from last year?
  • What didn't work out so well?
  • Any ideas on how you might want to approach the fall differently?
  • What strengths are you aware of that will help you?
  • What weaker executive function skills might present a challenge? 
  • What would you be willing to start working on now that you believe would help?

A smooth transition to a change in responsibilities, routine or schedule doesn't just happen.  The answers to the questions above will help pinpoint the opportunities on what to focus on.  Pick what stands out as the most logical opportunity. Create a plan to begin taking some baby steps now to work on developing new skills or strategies to help with future outcomes. Baby steps won't take over what's left of the summer.  But they will help out in the long run.

Here at the Center for Living Well with ADHD we have a number of offerings to support everyone in having a more successful, less stressful transition starting after the summer break.

Upcoming Events:

high school studentsStarting this week!
POWER-UP for High School Success

Last chance to sign up for the high school workshop that the Center for Living Well with ADHD is sponsoring this summer!  We start on Wednesday, July 18th!
Our four-week virtual workshop for high school students with ADHD or Executive Function Challenges will start on Wednesday, July 18th, and continue for four consecutive Wednesdays through August 8th. Our meeting times are: 5pm PT, 6pm MT, 7pm CT and 8 pm ET.  
Students will:
  • Learn to identify their strengths, learning styles, academic wins and challenges 
  • Develop new skills to empower them for a more successful school year starting this fall  
  • Design a "self-contract" with individualized strategies to help them overcome academic challenges
  • Receive a workbook of downloadable handouts to print, refer back to and use when school starts
Your small investment for this four week workshpo is only $150 and will pay off in big wins and a stronger start for success in their new school year.  Register with this link:   Register for Power-Up Workshop.

Masterful Women with ADHD Group Coaching Program

Hey Moms and Fabulous Women with ADHD! You may have been so busy this summer with kids or activities that you missed out on the opportunity to take advantage of our new women's pilot program. Now's the time to return the focus back to you!  We are having a great time in this program, learning lots and supporting one another in a group-coaching environment.  Don't miss out!  There is still room for you and the monthly fee of $57/month is a no-brainer.   Check it out here.

college studentsFree College Jump Start Webinar
for Future and Returning College Students

We are hosting a free virtual webinar on Thursday, August 9th, at 4:30pm PT, 5:30pm MT, 6:30pm CT and 7:30pm ET.  The webinar will be an excellent opportunity for high school students heading off to college.  It will also benefit students returning to college who would like to have a better experience this time around. 

Our workshop will:
  • Discuss specific examples of students with challenges who have succeeded in college
  • Describe differences in high school and college
  • Explore ideas  students might utilize on the  path to independence
  • Identify potential barriers for students with ADHD or Executive Function challenges in college
  • Discuss strategies for overcoming challenges
  • Consider a game plan for success



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