Holiday lights on tree and architectureAre you feeling busy and wondering how to get a handle on all there is to do?  The holiday season can really put our skills for time management, organization, planning and prioritization to the test.  With ADHD, we already may experience a few challenges in these areas.  Add the hustle and bustle of the holidays, overwhelm and stress can quickly throw us into a daze over what to do next.  If you are feeling a little stressed out and overwhelmed with the holiday season, here are a few tips to help you get from holi-dazed to holi-dazzled during these last few weeks in December.

  1. Start with the big picture. Often we know what we need to do and keep it all in our head.  When we do this, it can add to our stress and feelings of overwhelm.  Taking time to write down everything on your mind can really help.  Allow yourself 5-10 minutes and brain-dump everything on a sheet of paper.  Don’t worry about the order or neatness – just get it all out.
  2. Less is more. Sometimes we easily set ourselves up with a lot of creative and grand ideas. Sometimes, choosing to do less can bring us more quality and joy. Review your list. Are the items you have written down realistic and reasonable?   If you reflect on your list and it seems like a lot, you might find it helpful to note on your list “N” for the items that are necessary and a “D” for items that are desirable.  You might also look for items you could get help with – put an “H” next to those. 
  3. Find the hidden steps in complex projects or tasks. Are the items on your list one-and-done type of tasks? Or are they complex projects or tasks that involve multiple steps or take considerable time to complete? Sometimes it’s easy to get tripped up with ‘hidden’ steps that we underestimate or don’t allow enough time for. Break your complex tasks and projects into smaller chunks or steps so you develop a clear understanding of all it requires. 
  4. Identify the deadlines. Review the items on your list once more and note the specific dates or deadlines that exist next to those items.  For multi-step projects or tasks, you will want to work backwards in time to make sure you reach your deadline.  Set-up mini-deadlines for each step that builds up to successfully completing the project or task at hand if you know you are likely to procrastinate.
  5. Stay mindful of your plan. All this work doesn’t matter if you don’t act on it in your daily plan.  It’s a busy time of year and lots of distractions.  Be mindful of what you have assigned each day.  Review your list and plan for each day. Identify the open blocks of time when you are able to handle your priorities, schedule in your planner or calendar.  Use alerts or visual reminders to help you remember.

December is almost done and maybe you have all the busy work handled.  But, if not, click here to grab your complimentary Holidazed to Holidazzled Planning Tool for a little help. Until then, many blessings and good times this holiday season.Photo by Marina Khrapova on Unsplash


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