Who doesn’t have either a habit they want to break or a new habit they want to focus on at the start of the new year?

Often the new goals we set for the new year require a change in habits.  Forming habits seems to be something which everyone does on a regular basis. It's easy to start out strong with optimism and renewed energy.  The challenge is actually in sticking with the practice of new habits until they become automatic and are done without thinking. Sometimes, I hear  "I started out great only to find a loss of interest or waning willpower made it tough to keep the habit going."  

When you achieve success by creating a new habit you have instilled in yourself a new routine. The routine habit is something which you do on a regular basis without even thinking about it. Willpower is all about having the strength to carry out those things that you truly desire.  

A great example of this can be found in committing to put away your bills instead of leaving them strewn on your countertop. It will take conscious effort and energy to remind yourself to put the bills in their proper place versus just laying them down on the counter.  When you continue to practice your habit long enough, you will find yourself putting them away automatically as a routine. As a result of the success, you have just strengthened your willpower.  

Here are a few tips to help you get off to a great start in the new year with forming new habits to reach your goals.

1.  Start small.  If your hopes are targeted on big changes or giant leaps, break them down.  What is the first small win that takes you in the right direction of the bigger picture?  Aim for that.  It's easier to keep going when you have one small win after another because you experience the gratification a whole lot quicker.  Plus, each small win builds your confidence and desire to keep trying.

2.  Understand your real "Why" and keep a vision of your real "Why" in front of you.  Ask, when I accomplish this, I will experience (what) differently?  Why is that experience really important to me?  Find a way to repesent your vision of your "Why" and keep it in front of you so that you are reminded each day, in fact numerous times each day, of it's importance.

3. Set the stage for success.  Sometimes half the battle is remembering.  Anchor what you need to do with an already existing habit in your routine.  For example, my existing habit is waking up and having my cup of coffee. Then, I open my computer or smart phone to check my email.  The new habit I wanted to establish was to plan and review what was important for my day ahead before opening that computer.  I strategically placed my planner next to the coffee pot versus next to my computer as a way to support my intentions and turning that habit into a routine.

4. Build in support to help you keep going.  Support comes from within and from others. Be compassionate with yourself about how difficult change can be. Plan for more time and repetition to create a habit that really sticks.  Don't give up if you have a bad day, just notice and get back on track without judgement.  What positive affirmations can you practice to be compassionate with yourself?  Who can help support you and hold you accountable to create the habit or change you desire, especially when your interest and desire may begin to wane?

All our best wishes as we step into the new year. 

Robin, Kay and Katherine



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Wishing you many blessings and much joy in the holiday season,


Robin, Kay and Katherine