cover photo with title of articleIt's That Time of Year Again...and here are 5 Tips For Surviving Your Holiday Blitz:

The holidays can be stressful for anyone when it comes to desires, expectations and getting everything done.  For many of us its leads to an overload of our executive function capabilities, higher stress levels, overwhelm and shut down. 

When that happens, out goes the joy, the ability to think through different situations, the ability to stay on task and get things done. Here are a few tips to get you thinking about the holiday season and how you want to approach it.

1. Get clear about what you are aiming for.  Before you begin, identify the outcomes you desire for the holiday season. What are they and what will they require of you? Sometimes we can get caught up in going all out or trying to make everything "perfect", so it helps to also decide ahead of time, how much energy and effort the outcome requires.  Imagine three buckets. The 1st bucket is labeled 'Get it Done", the 2nd is  labeled "Pretty Good" and the 3rd  is labeled "Absolutely Perfect".  Where do your outcomes belong? Be careful about what you put in the Absolutely Perfect bucket. Absolutely perfect is overrated and adds to stress levels.  Be sure to dig deep into your WHY for anything in the Absolutely Perfect bucket. Using this approach can help you put your ideas into perspective and manage your expectations and time around what really matters.

2. Less can be more. It's sometimes the simplest things that make the greatest impact.  Look over your expectations and consider how you can simplify delivering on them as much as possible.  What are the 'little things' that would bring on the smiles, absolute joy, or a memorable time together?  Often it is not about 'things'. It's the experiences and the time spent together that make the best memories.  Brainstorm what this would be for you and your loved ones.  Is there a way to substitute or integrate that into your ideas?

3. Break it DownOnce you know what you want to happen, approach your holiday like a project.  Use a mindmap approach or list out on paper what needs to happen to accomplish your objectives. Be sure to break it down into smaller tasks and steps.  Step back and look at the bigger picture.  When ready, reverse engineer from your end result to help you create a timeline to get things done.  If deciding what to focus on first or next is not easy for you, ask someone to help you figure it out.

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4. A little help is not a bad thing!  Are you a good delegator?  I use to have the mindset that I could do it all and wasn't great at delegating. I dreaded asking for help in fear of putting someone out or being perceived as inadequate. Until I realized I was the one doing the majority of the work and feeling stressed out.  I also realized I was taking away the opportunity and joy of allowing another to contribute. Consider if what you have on your list is doable or overwhelming. Decide what will stay on your list and what needs to be on someone else's list.  If what's on your list is not in your wheelhouse, look for ways to automate, delegate or eliminate doing it altogether.  

5. Know the signs of stress and be prepared to manage Too much stress is bad news.  It has implications on your health, your energy and your ability get things done.  What do you feel in your body when you are stressed? What thoughts come to mind when stressed?  What tendencies are your go-to stress avoiders? When you recognize these sensations, thoughts and behaviors, be prepared to take some action to lower the stress and return to calm.  I call these my If-Then strategies. Understand what helps you to relieve stress when it shows up?    The idea is to recognize and be prepared to do the things that help you de-stress and return to calm, when you notice stress levels rising.

We hope you find some of these tips helpful for you during the holiday season.


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