Lately, I have been feeling quite blessed.  Maybe it’s the adventures of the past month with the traditions of summer.  Maybe it’s having the opportunity to spend a few days on a road trip with my 17 year old son, and the great conversation.  Maybe it’s the forging of a new partnership with three dynamite ADHD Coaches and the expansion of our Center For Living Well with ADHD. 

Bottom line, there are lots of great things going well in life right now and I am feeling thankful.   As I relish in these days, I experience moments of optimism, encouragement and having a great outlook on life.  Yet, I do realize it isn’t always like this.  There will be days of challenge and some hiccups.  That’s life!  So more importantly, how can I hang onto these moments and use them in positive ways when my good mood fades or I face the struggle or uncertainty life can bring? 

Impaired working memory often comes along with having ADHD.  It can be difficult to recall and tap into good memories and past successes to help lighten your mood, stay positive, and remain upbeat in a discouraging moment.   An approach that has helped in the past is to create visual reminders and references to help reflect on what is right or happened well in life. Those memories can light the way through challenges or hiccups as they occur.  They can serve as a source of encouragement and proof that life isn’t always a struggle.  They can help challenge limiting beliefs and self-talk that keeps a person stuck. 

Some ideas for ways to do this might include:

  • Displaying photos of special occasions, adventures, or people in your life
  • Keeping a gratitude or success journal to reflect on for inspiration
  • Selecting an object or token and keeping it handy to symbolize accomplishment
  • Creating a vision board of your strengths and goals in life to help you refocus
  • Writing out a list of affirmative, positive statements to read when feeling bad.

What would you add to this list?  No doubt you have some ideas too.  Think about what has worked well for you or what you could do to stay focused on the best of you.  Then, when you begin to notice emotions shifting or find yourself feeling defeated or frustrated with the moment, pause.  Remember no one on this earth gets to be perfect.  Acknowledge how you feel and give yourself the self-care you need.  Then, see if you can reference some of those happier, positive memories and accomplishments to lighten your spirit and shift your being to something that feels more empowering. 

Robin Nordmeyer
ADHD Coach and Managing Director - Minnesota


We’ve been busy growing over the summer and are excited to announce our partnership and many new opportunities with the Center For Living Well with ADHD. As a team of ADHD Coaches we all have personal experience, training and professional expertise in ADHD and Executive Function Skills Coaching.  Together we bring over 60 years combined experienced working with adults, parents and youth in all areas of life to help navigate the challenges of ADHD and to help individuals accomplish their goals.

(Left to Right)
Katherine Jahnke, ADHD Coach & Managing Director, Texas, Joyce Kubik, ADHD Coach & Managing Director, Ohio, Robin Nordmeyer, ADHD Coach & Managing Director, Minnesota, and Kay Axtel, ADHD Coach & Managing Director, Colorado. 


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We look forward to being your resource!

Robin, Kay, Katherine and Joyce
The Center For Living Well with ADHD, LLC