woman in the leavesAh, The Beautiful Days of Autumn...

A time of the year when mother nature makes us well aware of changes taking place in our world.  Our hearts go out to the many who have experienced the ravages of nature created by Hurricane Michael, an incident of great impact for many people for years to come.

Those less impacted by nature’s fury this fall will still face changes with the season. As the lazy days of summer fade away with the leaves, there is barely a second to catch your breath, bid summer adieu and start planning for the whirlwind of tasks and activities associated with fall and the upcoming holiday celebrations. 

Pre-holiday stress is compounded for individuals who experience executive function challenges.  We at the Center for Living Well with ADHD are very aware of the heightened stress experienced by our clients at this time of year.  We know that seasonal changes and added holiday pressures can put emotions and executive function capabilities to the test while trying to balance everyday priorities with added demands for these special occasions.  But we also know that learning how to leverage strengths, developing helpful strategies and building on some weaker executive skills can really help our clients with balancing these seasonal demands and everyday life.   

Here at the Center, we believe our clients are "Wired to Win" and we know that living an optimal life is more than just building skills. We understand the value of a holistic approach that embraces lifestyle, emotional well-being, understanding and self-awareness along with developing helpful strategies and new skills.  

We are currently exploring research on the impact of stress and emotions in managing ADHD.  In early November, we will be traveling to St Louis, Missouri to present our findings at the 2018 International Conference on ADHD.  The year’s conference is a collaborative effort on the part of three organizations:  ADDA (Attention Deficit Disorder Association), ACO (ADHD Coaches Organization) and CHADD (Children and Adults with ADHD).  Details of the conference can be found here.

Each of us will be presenting on ADHD and the impact of emotional intelligence and self-regulation skills geared to three different audiences: 

If you have the opportunity to attend the conference, we invite you to attend one of our presentations.

Peace and well-being in the fall season


College Coaching:

Special Offer:  College Reboot Coaching Plan

At the begining of the college semester, many students are optimistic and doing well.  Right about now some college students are starting to realize they need a little help. Maybe their grades are in the tank, they are feeling stressed, overwhelmed or frustrated with getting everything done on time.

If your college student is looking for some assistance, we have a special offer to help. Our College Reboot Coaching Package is normally $897.  Enroll in Coaching before November 15th for a reduced cost of $597, saving you $300. To take advantage of this special deal, please schedule a get acquainted session with one of our coaches by November 15th.  Click here to schedule.  



The Center for Living Well with ADHD believes that optimal living is possible for all people with ADHD regardless of age or stage in life.  We are dedicated to helping individuals experience more joy, success and fulfillment in their day to day pursuites.  Some of the options incllude:

  • Individual & Group Coaching
  • Webinars and Virtual Workshops
  • Public Presentations - Local and National
  • Online Learning

Several of our programs are currently wrapping up for the fall season and we will have new ones beginning very soon.  Until then, we invite you to visit our site and get on one of our lists that offers updates about future events most relevant for you. 

Save the Date: 

Complimentary College Jumpstart Workshop to help college students get set for the next semester.  The next one is set for January 3rd, 2019 at 5:30 PT / 6:30 MT / 7:30 CT / 8:30 ET. 

Brilliant Me, Wired to Win with Adult ADHD is our 7 Week Virtua Workshop scheduled to begin January 9th and lasts until February 20th, 2019. Space is limited to a small group. Enroll early.  Click here to learn more.

More to come...