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Bringing Back the Joy in Relationships with ADHD
Workshop and Research Study

Our workshop meets on Wednesday Evenings 
[ 7:30 pm ET | 6:30 pm CT |  5:30 pm MT | 4:30 pm PT ]

Our next workshop is from August 5th to September 23rd, 2020
(follow-up session to be arranged in October)

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Marriage is a precious union. But when one partner struggles with ADHD, so does the partner without ADHD. Research shows us that when ADHD is not understood or not treated, it can have a draining effect on a marriage, often leading to separation and divorce. We know that ADHD is not about knowing what to do but how to make things happen. These are very bright and capable individuals. What is missing is the clarity, skills, strategies that and supports that work for ADHD to help rekindle and revitalize a strained relationship.

Marriage Uncomplicated! Bringing back the joy in relationships with ADHD

This program lasts eight weeks for couples where one has ADHD and the other does not.  Our sessions are interactive, face-to-face weekly virtual meetings on Tuesdays from 7:30 pm - 9:00 pm eastern time. 

During our eight weekly sessions, we will cover the following:

  • Recognize how ADHD minds think differently
  • Differentiate the roles of ADHD versus the non-ADHD partner
  • Learn ways to leverage and partner with your strengths for better outcomes
  • Explore how lifestyle and habit tweaks can make a difference with ADHD
  • Build on executive function skills so they become less of a day to day problem.
  • Develop skills with a time management system (planner provided) to forget less, accomplish more
  • Discover ways to improve communication, compromise and work better together as a couple
  • Learn strategies to help you address moments of overwhelm, situational anxiety and procrastination
  • Develop a more positive outlook, boost self-confidence and improve your overall well being

This workshop will also be a part of a research study on couples with ADHD where you will be asked to take surveys before and after the workshop. Couples have been studied for some time, but never through a designated workshop such as this. Of course, all data collected is confidential and participant names become a number to protect your identity. 

Your informed consent is very important in research. Participants will need to sign a consent form upon registering that you agree to take this workshop and participate in the study.

This workshop is designed to have a positive impact on your relationship:  Here at The Center, our primary aim is to enlighten, encourage, and empower.  The topics, their strategies, and the follow-up work for this program are carefully chosen because we realize the importance and impact they can create in the relationship dynamics and day to day interactions you have with one another.  While we can make no promises regarding the outcome for your situation, we do promise to bring our extensive coaching expertise and commitment to serving your needs throughout the program.

How To Register.  As a way of showing appreciation for your participation in the study, we are offering a reduced fee of $495 per couple. For one person to attend a similar 8-week workshop at our Center, the cost is $395. Our fee for two people attending is $495. That is $247 per person and a savings of $200. You have the option to pay in full or to make two payments with your registration. Make your selection below to register and get started with the program.  

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Got Questions?

Here are a few you might have:

Q: What's included? Each session includes presenting one or two key topics related to married with ADHD, a coaching activity and a little bit of homework to apply what you learn.  You also receive a handout to download and follow along with each session, a planner workbook to practice some time management skills. Each week you will be asked to try a new skill or make important observations that help your relationship.  Receive a mid-session check in with your coach to share your progress, ask your questions.

Q: What if I should miss?  We encourage you to attend all the sessions, but we know life happens.  When it does, let us know and we can make the recording available to you so you don't miss out.  We want you to benefit with this program.  So we are here to support you when you need us.  Just send us an email. 

Q: Why is it important for both partners to attend?  Both of us realize a healthy, thriving relationship begins with clarity and understanding, learning tools for collaboration, and developing systems to leverage the best of what each of you brings to the relationship.  Someone with ADHD needs support, and that includes the partner they are married to.  

Q: How might our relationship benefit?  What would it be like to ward off angry outbursts, experience less stress, get more things accomplished, have better conversations, and experience more peace and joy in your relationship?  These for starters are some of the outcomes shared by those who have taken this workshop before you.  

Still have questions?  Please don’t hesitate to reach out to either of us to help you.


Joyce Kubik 
Certified Master Coach and ADHD Coach
Success Skills Training, LLC 
(440) 933-8309 

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Robin Nordmeyer
Certified Life Coach and ADHD Coach
Center for Living Well with ADHD                                       
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Marriage Uncomplicated Workshop

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