Unlocking Fulfillment: How to Connect Your Values to Your Career Path

How satisfied are you with your career? Is it time to examine what you want to be doing for work in 2024? Maybe you want to stay with your company and move into another position within the company, or perhaps you want to explore what other companies have to offer. You might want to explore moving in a completely new direction. Do you want to work in an office setting, at home in comfortable clothes, working remotely, or a bit of both? Do you prefer to work alone, or do you enjoy working collaboratively?  

These questions are meant to offer a deeper exploration of how your career aligns with your life goals, work style, and your values. If you are seeking a more meaningful life and career, consider exploring your values. 

How would you define your values? Values are what you believe are important to how you live and work. When we live according to our values, life feels more satisfying. We can feel dissatisfied, unhappy, and unfulfilled when they don’t align. If you are feeling unsettled with life, you might want to make a conscious effort to identify your values. 

When you know your values, you can use them to make decisions about how you want to live your life. I’d like to share the story of a client I worked with to illustrate how values can help you live a more meaningful life. Jennifer (not her real name) was a participant in one of my past workshops called Discover Your Best Fit Career

Jennifer worked in human resources for 10 years. While she liked working collaboratively with her team, the company made significant changes that impacted her job directly. She wanted to explore her options but felt stuck.

Unlocking Fulfillment: How to Connect Your Values to Your Career Path 

As we examined the values she came up with, we began digging deeper into how she wanted to live her life by considering what’s really important now.  Her top values were: 

  • Community and Belonging: she wanted to be more involved in her community and missed the sense of belonging that she once felt. 
  • Nature and the Natural World: Jennifer felt pulled to spend more time in nature. 
  • Exploration, Adventure, and Learning:  she was passionate about spending time in nature and learning about its healing benefits. 
  • Creation, Ingenuity, and Creativity

Jennifer wanted to move out of the traditional office environment and pursue work that resonated with her values and strengths. At work, she was a strong team player and related well to her colleagues. Her top VIA character strengths included curiosity, appreciation of beauty and excellence, social intelligence, kindness, and love. While she did not know exactly what role she wanted to play, she was excited to use her creativity and imagine other career possibilities that were more aligned with who she was and what she wanted to do next. By the end of the workshop, her next action steps were to contact two strong leads, people she knew in the field of nature and wellness, to learn about how she might fit into a new and exciting career. 

If you are thinking about what’s next for you, I am offering another workshop series that begins on January 18th. During this 6-week workshop, participants start with a free download called “Is This Job Right For Me? Three Ways to Explore Job Fit and Satisfaction with ADHD”, which can be found on our website using this link. According to an article written by the Gallup group, “One of the best ways to end up in the kind of career that offers you recognition, happiness, and success is to do more of what you are good at.” The job fit evaluation will help you start thinking about that. 

The Career Fit workshop will help you learn about the key factors that lead to job satisfaction. You will uncover clues to what makes you tick and what you want to be doing next in your life and career. 

What we know in the career coaching industry is that people are most satisfied when they are doing the work they are good at, and that work also aligns with their values, strengths, preferred skills, and how they are wired. Those are precisely the areas we will examine in the upcoming workshop series. If you are ready to begin exploring your next career move, check out this link for details. Also, feel free to schedule a 10-minute call with me using this link.

Victoria Roche, MSW, PCC

Victoria Roche, MSW, PCC

ADHD Coach and Life Coach, Executive Skills Coach

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