Time Management and ADHD

Are your struggles with time getting in the way of  your life?

Learning how to best manage your time for more success and more momentum is absolutely possible for you.  

Want to know how?

  • Develop and strengthen the life skills you need to eliminate many time related challenges and mishaps
  • Learn and apply ADHD-friendly strategies and approaches to make life and your ADHD easier to navigate
  • Partner with an ADHD coach to help you with awareness, accountability and support to create new habits

New!  Time Management Strategy Lab & Coaching Challenge

Managing time with ADHD can often lead to a great deal of stress and day to day trouble with getting where you need to be on time, completing tasks on time, and prioritizing how to use your time productively.  Learn our 4 step systematic approach that has worked so well for many of our clients to strengthen and hone their time management capabilities.

Week 1: Build on Your Time Awareness

Have you ever thought at the end of the day "Where did all my time go?" or "What has happened to my day?" Those with ADHD may struggle with time blindness or have trouble estimating how long things really take. As a result they run late or struggle with staying on track with their intentions and feeling productive. Learn how you relate to time and what happens with your planning, thinking and doing in the course of a day. 

Week 2: Finesse the Flow of Your Day

With ADHD, even the best of intentions for the day may become derailed.  But there is a way to help with that.  Flow of day helps you plan and structure your day ahead to help you stay on track and get more accomplished. Learn how to monitor and navigate what comes up throughout your day.  Develop strategies to help you manage distractions. Learn a system that will help you capture what you want to remember, make choices, handle the unexpected each day and avoid letting loose ends fall through the cracks.

Week 3: Prepare For Your Week Ahead

Stop the last minute scrambling to be prepared or beat a deadline. Maybe you knew the deadline or meeting was coming up, but felt too busy in the present to find the time to work on another priority that was coming up. Are you ready to up your game?  Once you begin making progress with planning and following the flow of your day, it's time to strengthen your future focus. Develop a routine to balance what you work on to feel prepared for the week ahead.  

Week 4: See the Bigger Picture with Goals and Priorities

As you continue practicing the first three weeks of learnings and new habits, we dive into helping you with big picture thinking about your goals and priorities for the month ahead. This is another crucial step of an effective time management system if you want to feel more productive and on top of your priorities. Making choices about how you spend your days, weeks and month requires insight, clarity and a good system for choosing what to focus on and when.  

So, are you ready to ramp up your time management skills?

Here is what's included with our Training and Coaching Challenge:

The Time Management Skills and Strategy Lab is a 28 day coach-supported challenge open between March 1th and April 19th.  You can still participate when you enroll by March 22nd, 2019.

Your enrollment in the program includes:

  • Online learning lab portal with daily lessons, handouts, video trainings and more
  • Access to our coaches for questions and support in our weekly virtual office hours
  • Built-in encouragement and accountability with discussion posts, email or phone check-ins
  • Step by step guidance to practice your skills and strategies to create new habits with time management

Weekly Virtual Office Hours:

We use our Zoom Meeting Platform to meet face to face online and help you with your challenge. 

  • Fridays: 11:00 am - 12:00 noon PT / 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm ET
  • Saturdays: 10:00 am - 11:00 am PT / 1:00 - 2:00 pm ET


Your Investment – 

28 Day Time Management
ADHD Skills and Strategy Lab and Coaching Challenge

Receive the workshop training with the strategy and skills lab, attend the live weekly coaching support calls and receive daily coaching accountability and support to boost your success.

Easily Valued between $397.00 and $1,200 with group or individual coaching support.

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