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The Value of a Support System

Every day, we are flooded with information and that ever-loving list of things to do. Kids, work, family, bills, household chores, the internet, and a whole boatload of things squatting on a never-ending list. 

It’s no wonder we are overwhelmed. How do we even address it all? 

When you have ADHD and so much going on, you know what it’s like to feel you are doing a million things all at once. And all your thoughts and to-dos can be equally loud and demanding, making it difficult to focus on one. That was me this week! My brain was like a bag in the wind. So many things were ping-ponging around in my brain that it was hard to get clear on what I needed to do. My brain got smacked with every piece of information or thought that popped into my head. I got overwhelmed and wanted to go into hibernate mode and hide under a blanket. Once I recognized that this was happening, I put in place a strategy to help get me out of this and clarify what I wanted to do. Here is what helped me get back on board when I got stuck, calmed my system, and helped me get back into motion. 

I asked myself, “What do I need right now?”

Once I asked myself this question, I realized the need to get all my thoughts out of my head and organize them in a way that made sense and identified the priorities. I knew from what worked for me in the past was talking it out with my fellow coaches. Once I did this and was coached through the process, I had more clarity and could move forward. This is the benefit of having a support system. 

I found the support I needed.  

Finding that support system, getting that validation, and talking to people who actually understand and relate to what you are going through can be mind-blowing.

My clients often ask, “Why can’t I do this on my own?” And I get it. With ADHD, our brains can quickly focus on what we can’t do. However, when you look around you, there are some pretty awesome things we can accomplish when we are with other people. It starts with self-acceptance and recognizing your strengths and challenges. Your brain is wired differently, and we all need that support system to help pick us up when we find ourselves sliding down. 

The best part about it is the shared learning experience. You get to share what is going on with you, make connections and feel understood. You get to have your own growth and witness others grow and learn. It provides a tremendous amount of fuel and energy that fills my weekly tank. 

If you are looking for more ways to be supported, check out the Masterful Living Fresh Starts group or schedule a complimentary get-acquainted session with me or any of the team members. We are here to support and help you take the steps you need to move forward. 


Kelly Thorell

Kelly Thorell, PCAC

ADHD Coach and Life Coach, Executive Skills Coach