The Beginning of Your ADHD Journey

If you are newly diagnosed with ADHD or just starting to address it, chances are you are not sure where to start and have a lot of overwhelming feelings surrounding this process. This may be because there is a lot you don’t know yet. That’s why you are reading this. You want to learn more, but the process is overwhelming and as a result, you may shut down and not move forward. So here is a starting point and some things to think about when you are on this journey. 

Learn About ADHD — Get Educated 

As you are reading this you may start to think about how the symptoms of ADHD have affected your life. If you are new to all of this you may not know the how and why. Now is the time to learn more about how ADHD has impacted your life, and decide how you want to move forward with this new information. Managing ADHD is really about understanding your brain and finding tips, tricks, and hacks to work with it. What would it look like to do the things the ADHD-friendly way and not what everyone thinks is the “right” way?

Find Your Support System

You are not alone! It can all be overwhelming and while that can’t fix things it can help to know that you are not the only one experiencing this. A sense of community and support can help you feel more hopeful and resilient. So, who is in your support system? Who do you have in your corner to help support you with the change you are seeking? 

Discover Your Strengths and Shine a Light On Them 

There is no doubt that someone with ADHD has heard negative statements from someone else. This is why you should seek out your superpowers and strengths. Identifying your strengths can give you a better understanding of yourself and how you operate. We all have strengths — don’t ignore them, harness them. Give yourself permission to get creative and think about how you can apply those creative solutions to your life. 

What You Can Do Next

Now that you have laid some of the groundwork, what do you do now? First, reassure yourself that your emotions surrounding all of this are normal. Seek out that support or community, talk about how you are feeling, and be willing to ask for help. What is not serving you right now and how do you want to make sustainable changes that can have a positive impact on your life? If change is what resonates with you, you may want to consider joining one of our groups to help support your new journey. Or, connect with one of our coaches for a get-acquainted session to get your questions answered and to learn how ADHD Coaching can support you. 

Kelly Thorell

Kelly Thorell, PCAC

ADHD Coach and Life Coach, Executive Skills Coach

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