Terms & Conditions

Welcome to Coaching

We are honored to be your coach and look forward to working with you to support your goals and the life you envision. As we begin our coaching relationship, we would like to present some important ideas regarding how we can best honor the process and each other. Please know that if you have questions or concerns regarding these, we are happy to discuss them with you at any time.

Your Coaching Plan

As agreed between you and your coach.

Access To Private Client Portal

As a Client, you will have access to your own private client portal. The portal is used to manage your client profile, complete online forms, store session notes, manage invoices and agreements, communicate with your coach, and access private pages and resources. You will be provided with login instructions and credentials for your portal. It is your responsibility to keep your credentials secure and restrict access to the portal from anyone other than you, the Client

Our Mutual Commitments To Coaching

As Coach and Client, we agree to:

  • Show Up
  • Be Authentic and Communicate
  • Do the Work (during and after each session)
  • Track Progress
  • Take Responsibility
  • Celebrate Results

General Coaching Terms:

Attending Sessions: It’s important to show up on time, be present and uphold commitments to the coaching schedule. Your coach promises to do the same for you. The length of Sessions will vary depending on your choice of a coaching plan. Sessions may be held by virtual meeting, telephone, or in person if the option is available, as agreed upon with your coach. Check-ins are available between sessions by text, telephone, email, or the Virtual Support Lab as arranged.

Rescheduling and Canceling Sessions: Coaching sessions are generally scheduled for the same day and time of each week you will meet. Situations may arise when you or your coach will need to adjust the day and time or reschedule your appointment. Please provide 24 – 48 hours of advance notice to accommodate your needs for change. Should a last-minute situation arise and you are unable to keep your appointment, you are responsible to inform your coach ahead of time. We will do the same for you! In either case, an attempt will be made to make up the session when there is prior notice. Frequent needs to cancel or reschedule your sessions with less than 24 hours’ notice will be at the coach’s discretion to honor for a makeup session. All makeup sessions must be used within the timeframe of the billing period.

Missed Sessions: Your coach will be available to meet with you at the scheduled time. After 5 minutes of not showing, your coach will communicate via text and email to remind you a session is underway. Sessions will close after 15 minutes of waiting with a no-show or no word from the client. One missed session will be honored and rescheduled on over a three-month contract. After that, making up a missed session is at the discretion of the coach you are working with. Any unused missed sessions will be forfeited at the end of your billing period.

Payment for Services: Payment is due in advance of services rendered. Payments are processed by Authorize.net or PayPal. You may arrange to send payment by check to the Center for Living Well with ADHD, 3800 American Boulevard West, Ste 100, Bloomington, MN 55431. You would inform your coach of the need to pay by check which needs to be received at the address above prior to the onset of coaching. The client understands and agrees that Coach may suspend or terminate coaching services; without liability, for any client who does not meet the payment/financial terms of the agreement above.

Confidentiality and Privacy Policy: Your information at The Center remains strictly confidential and may not be shared with others unless:

(1) You provide prior consent and authorization to release information;
(2) In emergency situations, or when there is a perceived risk of harm to self or others;
(3) As required by a court of law;
(4) Or to receive support from the Center and its authorized employees on the Coach’s behalf.

Services Disclaimer: Coaching Services are not to be used as a substitute for professional advice by legal, medical, mental health, financial, business, spiritual, or other qualified professionals. We encourage our clients to seek independent professional guidance for legal, medical, mental health, financial, business, spiritual, or other matters when needed to make informed choices. All decisions and actions in these areas of support are exclusively the responsibility of the client who acknowledges that decisions and actions as a result of coaching services are their sole responsibility.

Amends to Coaching: At the Center, we work hard to ensure you receive the highest level of coaching support and services possible. If at any time, you are not satisfied with the direction of coaching, or life gets in the way of continuing your coaching, please advise your coach immediately in writing. Every effort will be made to support your needs and provide an amenable solution.

Discontinuation of Coaching: Coaching contracts are set up as either a minimum three or four- month commitment or open-ended on an ongoing basis. For three and four-month commitments, you and your coach will initiate a discussion regarding future coaching sessions as you approach the end of your contract duration. At that time, you may decide to continue your coaching support on the same or different plan or discontinue coaching altogether. For open-ended, ongoing plans, it is your responsibility as the client to provide a minimum of 21-days notice for your intention to stop coaching. You are responsible for payment of all normally scheduled sessions during that time, and agree to attend one wrap-up coaching session. This gives the Client and Coach time to capture learning and strategize for what is next in your life, as well as celebrate your successes!

Refund Policy: Refunds for any unused coaching sessions are not guaranteed and are at the discretion of the Coach and Center based on the situation and the terms of your coaching agreement.