Summer Sizzler Coaching Specials

Individualized Consultations:

We have several occasions when we work with clients to offer an individual consultation. Take advantage of this special summer discount to schedule your own one-on-one time with one of our coaches.  Areas of focus are unlimited, but some examples could be:

  • Young Adults in Transition [College, Workplace or Living Independently]
  • Back to School Strengths and Executive Function Skills Assessment
  • Struggles and Overwhelm in the Workplace
  • How To Best Support your Child with ADHD

Individual Consultations are 90 minutes in duration, require completion of our pre-session discovery form and will include one follow-up 15 minute call to support your progress. Use this opportunity to learn more about ADHD and the best ways to manage.  Explore strategies and actions to follow up with after the session.  

Normally priced at $300, Save with this summer price of only $97.00!

Purchase your one time consultation.

Individual Consultation


Our "Just Try It" Coaching Package:

Are you new to coaching and curious about how working with an ADHD Coach can help make a difference in your life?  Pick one goal and participate in four individual coaching sessions as your coach partners with you to help develop strategies, new skills, support and accountability for your success.

Examples of a goal might be:

>> Getting better with time management
>> Working on self-care or a new lifestyle habit
>> Help with strategies to plan and prioritize projects
>> Improving communication in an important relationship

Normally, this would cost $497 or more.   Enroll in coaching before July 31st, 2019, to receive a special rate of $350 for those new to coaching. 


Select which coach you wish to work with and schedule a complimentary get-acquainted session where you will have the opportunity to select the "Just Try It" package 

Get Acquainted Session with Coach Katherine

Get Acquainted Session with Coach Robin


Small Group Coaching and Support:

Sometimes coaching is a lot more fun when you have others to work on goals with you.

We have a few interested in being part of a small group environment for coaching and support.

Theme ideas include Women with ADHD or Personal Effectiveness in the Workplace.  Options and topics for group coaching will be customized to the individuals who are interested. 

If you have friends or family experiencing similar challenges, consider forming your own group.  Or let us know and we will do our best to match you up with others that have similar interests and needs.   Small group coaching can be accomplished by Virtual Zoom meetings or in-person when feasible.  

Twin Cities, Minnesota:

College Station, Texas: