Summer Book Club & Coaching Circle

Summer Declutter
Wednesdays, June 24th through July 29th, 2019 
Six Virtual Face to Face Meetings  |  6:30 pm to 7:45 pm Central

Who doesn't have a decluttering project they never get around to?  The truth is there may be many areas in our home that need to be cleared out and organized. Clutter is costly.  Too much clutter and disarray can suck the energy right out of us.  We might feel overwhelmed or have trouble getting around to the things we really need to do.  We may forget what we actually have and miss out on using it as intended, or worse buying a duplicate.  Or even worse, harbor fears of someone walking in our homes and seeing the mess. Yikes! 

Have you been aiming to declutter in your life for a while but never seem to get around to it? Maybe you just don't have 'that kind of time' or you get stuck once you get started.  Maybe you find yourself procrastinating or feeling overwhelmed and paralyzed on what to do next. Does any of this sound familiar:

  • "I get started only to get half-finished, leaving a bigger mess than when I started"
  • "I am not sure where to begin or even how to start"
  • "My days are already full, how can I possibly commit to one more project"
  • "Just looking at the pile-ups hurts my head"
  • "An even bigger challenge is my struggle to let stuff go"

Cutting through the clutter and living a simpler, more organized life when you have ADHD doesn't need to be an overwhelming or monumentally difficult and tedious task.  

Join us this summer for a special opportunity to deep dive together into what we have found to be an inspirational book while working on your decluttering goals, one project at a time. Receive coaching support to help you set up reasonable decluttering goals and take the next steps to get the clutter gone.  Enjoy the opportunity of working with a group to support and cheer you on.  

Featured Book:

Decluttering at the Speed of Life: Winning Your Never-Ending Battle with Stuff
by Dana K. White 
Plus, Additional ADHD Friendly Organizing Resources

 Workshop Schedule

June 24th  - Chapters 3 to 6
"Accepting your house as a container"
"Valuing space over stuff", and
"Making progress with the visibility rule"

 July 1st  - Chapters 7 to 9
"Understanding the Layers of a Clean House"
"Getting it Out or The Case for the Donate Box"
"Changing Your Mindset Changes Your Home"
"Decluttering at the Speed of Life"

July 8th - Chapters 10 & 11
“Steps for Working Through an Overwhelming Mess”
“Living Areas” 

July 15th - Chapters 12 & 13
“Another Chapter About Kitchens”

July 22nd - Chapters 14 & 15
“Closets and Clothes”

July 29th - Chapters 16 & 17
“Craft Rooms and Hobby Spaces”
“Storage Spaces”

Each meeting, participants will have the opportunity to:

  • Celebrate wins
  • Learn effective ways to help manage clutter
  • Share takeaways from the book
  • Receive coach support to explore strategies and steps for success
  • Identify a next goal and the action steps for the coming week

Your enrollment includes:

  • Weekly Collaborative Group Sessions (held by virtual meeting)
  • Access to our virtual support lab to collaborate with our coaches on your projects 
  • Weekly Handout and Resources with each session

Ready to take on the clutter and have some fun?

Your Investment - Only $97 

SIGN ME UP - Decluttered AT last!