Success Stories

Changed my life for the better.

Working with Robin helped me own my ADHD and change my life for the better. Her approach to coaching led to better habits and strategies with incredible impact.

Nathan S.

Twin Cities, MN

Helped us understand the challenges our son was facing.

From our perspective as parents working with Griffin for the past year was extremely helpful; he helped us understand the challenges our son was facing, listened to our concerns and supported our role as parents. From our son’s, age 13, perspective; he provided a listening ear to his worries, helped him articulate his concerns to us, worked on finding solutions to his problems, and celebrated his progress.

Griffin always made himself available for us and our son when we needed him regardless of the time and outside of our regular booked sessions.

Griffin has also offered his support and availability during our current relocation from one country to another, which surely is having an impact on our family.


Improved our communication.

We were pretty much on our way to a divorce and realized we needed help. Robin’s coaching improved our communication and our ability to work together as a team. As a result, our struggles became less and less frequent and our relationship more fulfilled.

Elizabeth & Matt Z.

Boston, MA

Helped me to identify my strengths, explore the challenges.

Before going through the Career Pathfinder program, I was unemployed and felt stuck about my career path. I had lots of doubts and lacked the confidence to navigate through the process alone. I got advice from loved ones but that did not seem to help me. Coach Victoria helped me to identify my strengths, explore the challenges I went through, and discover what I want to do with my life and career. After seeing the results of all the data that was collected about me, I began to trust myself and the decisions I needed to make to forge ahead and continue my education with more confidence about my abilities. I have been accepted to a nursing program and will get my BSN and become an RN over the next two years.

Molly B.

Nursing Student

My son is happier, more self-confident.

My son’s first year of college was last year and it was NOT a good year (and not just because of remote classes, masks, etc.). I tried everything I could think of to help my smart, funny, kind son manage his ADHD but he was still struggling. This year has been a completely different experience and it is all because of Griffin. We started working with Griffin in April and he established a good rapport with my son right away. Griffin has helped my son understand, accept and manage his ADHD and the end result has been a very successful fall semester (in an engineering program!). My son is happier, more self-confident, and is making great progress towards his goals both academically and personally, thanks to Griffin

Tracy W.

Denver, Colorado

Helped me to see where I needed to make changes.

It was a delight to work with Victoria. She is personable, with a wonderful way of persistently and gently nudging you forward. The tools she recommended and the questions she asked made me more aware of my actions and helped me to see where I needed to make changes. She encouraged me to use a daily planner tool that has made me more aware when I get off-track and off-task as I move from activity to activity during the day. She also got me to think about the best types of productivity systems for me — which are ones with a strong visual component. As a result of coaching, I have started to use a free online tool which has been a great way to keep my digital work and personal life organized.

Pam B.


My son feels heard and supported.

My son really appreciates working with Griffin. He feels better about himself and more optimistic about achieving his goals and being able to run his own life. We’ve been watching his fear disappear and his confidence take over. After waiting so look for it, it’s amazing to see. There are lots of small baby steps happening, but most importantly, thanks to his hard work with a Griffin, my son feels heard, supported, and that he can be the master of his ADHD, not the other way around!

Susan D.


I’ve seen a change in myself…

I always look forward to our sessions. Very caring. I feel like since the beginning of our sessions I’ve seen a change in myself… it’s like watching me grow into a person that can now understand ADHD!




I loved the experience and process!

Alicia was so supportive and made wonderful suggestions.