Options For Teens and Young Adults in Transition


To join us for our live virtual workshop.   
Designed for Young Adults and Teens with ADHD or Executive Function Challenges.
Parents are welcome to attend as well.

Wednesday, March 7th, 2019

5:00 pm PT / 6:00 pm MT / 7:00 pm CT / 8:00 pm ET - 90 Minute Workshop

There are so many options and directions to go for a teen or young adult after high school.  While college is often considered the obvious choice, we understand that it isn't always the best answer for everyone.  Deciding what those next steps of transition will be can feel a bit overwhelming.
How do you choose the best fit for the next steps in transition? 
When your teen or young adult has ADHD or executive function skill deficits, it’s a good idea to put all the options on the table for consideration. We invite you to join us to learn more about those options and to begin an exploration of a process that can lead to a more successful transition from high school to whatever lies ahead. We will focus on the initial steps that bridge the gap between where future graduates are and where they need to be.
Our virtual workshop is designed for teens and young adults, and even parents are welcome.
Spend the evening with us and we will help you:
  • Assess readiness for teens transitioning from High School to the real world
  • Explore post-secondary options and weigh the pros and cons of each
  • Learn ways to leverage strengths and minimize challenges that might get in the way
  • Create a step by step plan to be prepared for moving forward

Included with your registration:

  • Teen and Young Adult Options Workbook and Transition Resources
  • Access to Recording of the workshop for you to review again and again
  • Complimentary 30 minute individual session to follow up and answer your questions after the workshop
  • Discount on future consultation or coaching services for those who attend the workshop live.

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