Workshop: Executive Function Skills and ADHD

Building Skills for Life

Personal development is a continual process for everyone throughout their lifespan.  As we age and transition into new roles and responsibilities, the demands on executive function skills increase.  What helps? Build on skills to minimize unnecessary challenges.

With ADHD, our executive skills may not develop as quickly as our peers. Weaker executive function skills contribute to those ADHD-related challenges.  In this class, we explore the connection between executive function skills and ADHD. You will take a baseline assessment to pinpoint which skills are your strengths and which skills get in your way.  Learn a proven framework for building on skills to support your success.


  • 90-minute live, interactive virtual workshop
  • Workbook with slides provided
  • Access to private Living Well with ADHD community
  • BONUS! 20-minute follow-up laser coaching session to use in the next 14 days


Your Cost is $10


Nov 18 2023


11:00 am