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Are you having a hard time getting started
with your homework and projects?

After the first month of classes, the pace picks up and assignments can pile up.  Perhaps you would like help with organizing the workload and balancing priorities. Or maybe you are stuck in overwhelm with too much to catch up on.

Learn how our group can help you with getting it all done.

  • Join the session to co-work with other college students
  • Identify what you will work on during the scheduled time block(s)
  • Take action on your identified task or assignment
  • We wrap up with celebrating your progress as we near the end
  • You will Identify what your next steps will be and schedule a time to work on them
  • Extra support and breakout for individuals to help get past the roadblocks

When We Meet:

Group Program Dates:  Next Group is from January through May 2023

Group meets twice weekly:

  • Dates and Times TBA
  • 60-minute sessions 


Body-Double Sessions

Free one-week trial to try it out, then $197/month

Need Individual Sessions?  Group participants also have the option to purchase individual coaching sessions at a discount for extended one-on-one coach support when needed. 

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