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College Coaching Services

College StudentsHeading off to college is an exciting time for your son or daughter. 

It's a new phase in their life to step into independent living while pursuing their educational and career goals. 

Both parents and students understand college is a big investment.  Both want success more than anything.

As a parent, you may be all to aware of noticeable gaps in life skills and executive function skills for this important time in their life. You may be concerned about how your student will step up their game, adapt and thrive. Just because a student has ADHD and executive function skill deficits, doesn't mean they can't be successful in college. 

Help them be prepared.  Help them get the support they need to level the playing field and stay in school.

Coaching supports students in the process of understanding and embracing the barriers that have previously held them back.  

An ADHD Coach can help your student work towards developing the skills and strategies needed to survive the experience of leaving high school and finding success in college or in the real world. 

  • Identification of personal strengths, learning styles and how they are Wired to Win! ™
  • Identify and strengthen life skills and strategies for independent living and succeeding in the college environment
  • Building on skills to stay organized, manage their time, and plan and prioritize their school work.  
  • Learning how to effectively manage their ADHD, so it stays out of their way
  • Understanding and coping with overwhelm, situational anxiety and procrastination
  • Have someone to reach out for help when they need it.

We want to help your youth!! Our team’s years of experience in working with college students and young adults includes one-on-one coaching, introductory workshops and even teaching classes on campus designed for students with ADHD, LD or executive function skill challenges.     

Our College Success Coaching Programs are geared to:

  • High school students with ADHD get ready for their transition to college
  • College freshmen who will benefit from ongoing structure and support to survive the first year
  • Returning college students who struggled in the past and are returning for a better experience
  • Allow students to discover their strengths and how they are wired to win.

College Coaching Services offered by Center for Living Well with ADHD:

  • College Readiness Consultation
  • Full College Semester Coaching Package
  • 5 Session Jumpstart or Recovery Coaching Package

Want to Know More About College Coaching Services?  

Visit our Meet The Team page and schedule a complimentary get acquainted session with the coach of your choice. 

Upcoming Webinars and Workshops:

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