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PowerUp for School Success Workshop Series

These live, virtual workshops are uniquely designed for middle school and high school students.  Together we explore topics to encourage, enlighten and empower your child with tools to help them navigate their ADHD and experience more success in the new school year. Each workshop is 1 hour in duration and provides an opportunity to learn more about themselves and their ADHD.  When appropriate, students will be encouraged to join age-appropriate break-out rooms for added support and collaboration with our coaches.  Some of the classes include a little pre-work.  All classes include a workbook and a toolkit of resources for managing ADHD long after the workshop is over.  Teens are welcome to join our Coach-Supported Geneva Chat Community for added support after the workshop is over.

Time Management and Planning with ADHD

Tuesday, September 28th, 2021
3:00 pm PT | 4:00 pm MT | 5:00 pm CT | 6:00 pm ET (later time)

We all know how busy it gets once school begins. You will spend six hours or more daily in school, and then there is homework, afterschool activities, and perhaps a few household chores. Not to mention some much-needed downtime and fun.   As a teen, it's important to develop skills in time management to help you with planning and prioritizing your time to balance your life between schoolwork and fun. 

During this virtual live workshop, we will:

  • Understand the four facets of time and how each can be helpful or problematic with ADHD
  • Learn strategies to help pinpoint your best brain time and how to use it effectively.
  • Explore ADHD-friendly strategies to help with time-based challenges to try out with school.

Students will be encouraged to identify a strategy to put into action to help with time management during our 7-day challenge with coach support.  Fee $47

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During this stage in their life, teens desire more independence and being able to make their own choices and decisions.  They may naturally have the urge to push back or get frustrated with parents who are trying to help. This, in turn, adds more tension and stress in the home and your family relationships. Having your child work directly with a coach can help the parent-child-family dynamic.  It also helps the child take ownership of understanding their ADHD, deciding on their own goals, and then taking action to build on skills and strategies to support them.

For tweens and teens, we recommend they receive individual coaching with a few options to choose from. Your coach will customize the coaching plan based on your child's needs.  Some areas of focus may include:

  • Better understand their ADHD and its unique impact
  • Explore and leverage their strengths to achieve their personal best
  • Strengthen executive function skills like time management, planning, prioritization, organization, task initiation
  • Develop new lifestyle habits and skills for decision making
  • Learn healthy ways to manage emotions and cope with stress and overwhelm
  • Build on social skills and strengthen relationships
  • Address school-related challenges

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Robin Nordmeyer, PCAC, CLC
Managing Director

ADHD, Executive Skills and Life Coach
Minnesota and Nationwide
Tweens & Teens


Katherine Jahnke
Managing Director

ADHD, Executive Skills and Life Coach
Texas and Nationwide
High School Juniors/Seniors


Griffin Rouse
Associate Coach

ADHD, Executive Skills and Life Coach
Colorado and Nationwide
Tweens & Teens


Andrea Yellinek, ACC, CPAC
Associate Coach

ADHD, Executive Skills and Life Coach
High School Students


Abby Riley
Apprentice Coach

ADHD, Executive Skills and Life Coach
Minnesota and Nationwide


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Disclaimer: An ADHD Coach does not diagnose, treat, or provide therapy with mental health conditions. Coaching is not a substitute for counseling, psychotherapy, psychoanalysis, mental health care, or substance abuse treatment.  Our Coaches understand the importance of a multimodal approach to living well with ADHD. We encourage you to build a support team or professionals to best serve the needs of our family and child.