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Heading off to college can be an exciting time for your son or daughter. 

It's a new phase in their life to step into independent living while pursuing their educational and career goals. Both parents and students understand college is a big investment.  Both want success more than anything.

Or, maybe your teen or young adult has other plans - like going to work and living on their own.

As a parent, you may be all too aware of noticeable gaps in life skills and executive function skills for this important time in their life. You may be concerned about how your teen or young adult will step up their game, adapt and thrive. Just because they have ADHD and executive function skill deficits, doesn't mean they can't be successful with what they choose to do next.  Coaching can help them be prepared and level the playing field to experience success with their next steps.

Coaching supports teens and young adults in the process of understanding and embracing the barriers that have previously held them back.  

An ADHD Coach can help your student work towards developing the skills and strategies needed to survive the experience of leaving high school and finding success in college or in the real world. 

  • Identification of personal strengths, learning styles and how they are Wired to Win! ™
  • Identify and strengthen life skills and strategies for independent living and succeeding in the new environment
  • Building on skills to stay organized, manage their time, and plan and prioritize their work.  
  • Learning how to effectively manage their ADHD, so it stays out of their way
  • Understanding and coping with overwhelm, situational anxiety and procrastination
  • Have someone to reach out to for help when they need it.

We want to help your young adult succeed! Our team’s years of experience in working with college students and young adults includes one-on-one coaching, introductory workshops and even teaching classes on campus designed for students with ADHD, LD or executive function skill challenges.     

For those who are transitioning to college...

Here are the ways, we can assist teens and young adults with coaching:

College Jumpstart Consultation:  This 90-minute consultation will guide students in exploring their strengths, learning styles, executive function challenges and skills in relation to their experiences at school, learning a most effective way to use a syllabus, strategies for managing academic and personal calendars, identifying resources available on or off-campus that support student success, identifying study strategies that work. 

Time to Get Ready:
Transitions Coaching to help high school students hone their skills and prepare for college and independent living. Great place to start for high school juniors and seniors to help them prepare for their next steps.

Take us With You:
College Coaching Program to support the student’s transition during the first semester of their Freshman year. Continued support is also available as needed.

College Reboot: 
Recovery Coaching program to help current college students who are overwhelmed, falling behind, or placed on Academic Probation to get back on track and experience better results so they can stay in school.

For those with a different plan or needs...

We have that covered too!  

Gap Year and Alternate Plans  
Self-Discovery and career coaching to help clients build on strengths, career interests, life and executive function skill development while taking a break or choosing an alternate plan that involves more independence and self-management.  

Launch to Independent Living On Their Own
Sometimes a young adult with ADHD may feel trapped at home and now sure how to break out on their own.  


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