Coaching and Support Options

The Center For Living Well with ADHD, LLC, offers several options and opportunities to support your personal empowerment, skill development, and life transformation.

Creating sustainable change can be difficult for anyone.  It is well-known that a multifaceted approach with ADHD works best.  ADHD Coaching is Life Coaching from the lens of having ADHD.  Coaching provides the encouragement, accountability, and support to help you focus on your goals and take the next steps to create the changes you desire for your life.  All of our options are currently virtual, but we will resume with some local options as times change.

Individual Coaching ServicesIndividual Coaching

Each of our clients is authentically unique. The way we work with them will vary based on their needs and situation.  With individual coaching, we help our clients realize their strengths, address their ADHD related challenges, build on new skills, and identify their best approaches for moving forward to achieve their goals. 

Our coaches work with Adults, College Students, Young Adults, Families (Parents and Younger Children), Tweens, and Teens to focus on a wide range of needs.

Take the first step for individual coaching by scheduling a complimentary, no-obligation get-acquainted session with one of our coaches. 

Group Coaching ServicesGroup Coaching and Support

Coaching and collaborating with a small group can help you make the changes you desire in your life, especially if you are energized by connecting with others.  Our group coaching provides a safe, nonjudgmental space with added support from a tribe of like-minded individuals.  Groups are kept fairly small at less than ten people so you have plenty of time to learn, coach, connect and collaborate. 

Group coaching is focused on a theme with your individualized goals in mind.  Groups offer a less expensive option to connect with a coach and receive built-in encouragement and accountability while working on accomplishing your goals.  Sessions are offered virtually so you can meet with your tribe by computer.  In some situations, small group coaching may be offered locally. Take the first step by exploring our group options.


DeCluttered At Last Book Club and Coaching CircleDeCluttered At Last Book Club and Coaching Circle

It's back! This combination book club and ongoing support group is now gearing up for our summer session.  Adults meet weekly as a group to explore the book and work on small decluttering projects over 6 consecutive sessions. Participants will have the option to continue their support as a support group to maintain the momentum with decluttering efforts. Choose between Wednesday nights or Saturday mornings.  The next groups begin the week of June 17th, 2020. Click here to learn more.


Virtual Support LabVirtual Support Labs

Since COVID-19, we have started a virtual support lab where our Center Community has the opportunity to connect with one of our Coaches to help navigate and transition in times of big change.  Working from home, finishing up your school year, having someone to talk to help you feel grounded, organized, connected, and calm. The virtual support lab works for adults, parents, college students, tweens, and teens. Drop-in or schedule a private 10-minute check-in. Look for the Virtual Support Lab on your client dashboard with the link to schedule your check-in.  

My ADHD Entrepreneurial GigMy Gig:  Brilliance and Focus for the ADHD Entrepreneur

If you have a business or an idea for one in mind, there has never been a better time to get your gig on. ADHD Adults are naturally gifted with incredible ideas and the entrepreneurial spirit.  But they may struggle with how to organize and keep their business running efficiently and productively, as well as grow it into a viable sustainable business.  We will start with a group of four entrepreneurs and collaborate on a great time to launch our first meeting.  Email for more information on this group.  


Virtual WorkshopsWorkshops 

Our workshops may be one-time events or spread out over several sessions for a block of time. Each workshop includes the exploration of important topics, built-in coaching time, Q&A, and follow-up steps between sessions or after the workshop to make the most of your learning and awareness building.  

Current Workshops:

* Marriage Uncomplicated: Bringing Back the Joy in Relationships with ADHD
* Colors of Your Parachute with ADHD: Career Discovery

Marriage Uncomplicated with ADHDMarriage Uncomplicated: Bringing Back the Joy in Relationships with ADHD.

A marriage can be challenging for anyone, but add ADHD into the mix and it brings another level of challenge into the picture. A research study on marriages where one person has ADHD and the other does not, is seeking couples who are experiencing difficulties in their marriage. This study is an 8-week workshop that coaches the one with ADHD and provides support strategies to the one without. Click here to learn more.

Colors of Your Parachute with ADHD | Career DiscoveryThe Colors of Your Parachute with ADHD: A Creative and Empowering Career Discovery Process.

If you have felt stuck in the wrong job or with figuring out what to do in your, you are not alone. This workshop is to help you explore better fits in the workplace. It's time to get clear about who you are, and what you bring to the workforce for an ideal career and professional contributions.  The more you understand your preferences the easier it is to make career decisions and stay focused on the choices and actions to get you there.  Join us for this six-week workshop. Click here to learn more.


ADHD ClassesADHD Classes

These classes are a great way to take those small steps towards bigger transformations in your life.  Each class is one hour and 15 minutes long, followed by a 7-day Get Into Action Challenge. 

The series of six classes are scheduled for Monday evenings and Saturday mornings, offering you two options to attend.  


Current Classes:  Click on the icon to learn more about each class.

              Self Care and ADHD     Executive Function Skills and ADHD


On Demand LearningOn-Demand and Self-Paced Learning Journeys

 Time Management Skills and Strategy Lab

 Are your struggles with time getting in the way of life? Learning how to best manage your time for more success and more momentum is absolutely possible for you.  Want to know how?  This skills and strategy lab takes you step by step through a sequence of learning and doing to help you strengthen your time awareness skills, working on developing your own ADHD friendly strategies and approaches to help you track, manage and be productive with your time.  

Click here to sign up for our skills and strategy lab. 



Disclaimer:  Coaching Services are not to be used as a substitute for professional advice by legal, medical, financial, business, spiritual, or other qualified professionals. We encourage our clients to seek independent professional guidance for legal, medical, financial, business, spiritual, or other matters. All decisions and actions in these areas of support are exclusively the responsibility of the client who acknowledges that decisions and actions as a result of coaching services are their sole responsibility.