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Life Skills and Strategy Coaching For Adults with ADHD

Here at the Center we offer several options for skills and strategy coaching to support adults with ADHD.  ADHD and Executive Function Skills Coaching includes:

  • Education about ADHD and its unique impact
  • Helping clients establish their goals and design actionable next steps to achieve them
  • Support for clients while taking action and staying on track
  • Focus on strengths-based living and the way each individual is Wired to WinTM
  • Integrate opportunities to strengthen life skills and executive function skill capabilities
  • Identify and developing life long systems, strategies and routines for success

Individual Coaching Services

If you are looking for individualized support, the first step is to schedule a complimentary Get Acquainted Session by telephone, virtual meeting or in-person.  Click here to Meet our Team and schedule with the coach of your choice.  During our complimentary session you will have the opportunity to get acquainted, ask your questions, and learn about three different options for individual coaching available to you.   Some of our clients have specific life goals they are working on achieving.  Others are trying to understand what it means to have ADHD and how they can navigate this part of their life to experience more success.  Many of our clients want help with time management, organization, planning and prioritization, being able to remember, stay focused and finish what they start.  What is it for you?

Group Coaching Programs

Accomplished Professionals

Accomplished with ADHD Workshop.  This workshop is an excellent start for figuring out life with ADHD.  Purposely designed for individuals in small groups.   The learning and activities in the day will jump start your best life with ADHD.  Our program is offered in person and virtually with several dates available. Click here to learn more.

Marriage Uncomplicated Workshop

Marriage Uncomplicated: Bringing back the joy in your marriage with ADHD. A marriage can be challenging for anyone, but add ADHD into the mix and it brings another level of challenge into the picture. A research study on marriages where one person has ADHD and the other does not, is seeking couples who are experiencing difficulties in their marriage where one of them has ADHD. This study  puts couples through an 8-week workshop that coaches the one with ADHD and provides support strategies to the one without ADHD. It is a huge awareness and strategic workshop that gives couples the needed understanding of how to work together to bring back the joy in relationships with ADHD. We invite couples to read more at Marriage Uncomplicated and consider registering to participate in the study. Click here to learn more.


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