ADHD Coach Victoria Roche, PCC | New Jersey

VictoriaAbout Victoria

Victoria specializes in helping clients understand and learn about how ADHD impacts their lives. She uses a strengths-based approach and weaves mindfulness techniques into the ADHD coaching process to help clients manage their thinking while staying productive and well. Victoria enjoys working with young adults 18-25 and older adults. She prides herself in working with people moving through life transitions by helping young adults discover what makes them tick and figure out what they want to do with their lives. She also helps older adults manage their ADHD through changes in life that result from loss (depression, illness, job, death).

Areas of Coaching Expertise:

  • Young Adults & College
  • Career Direction
  • Life Change and Transitions 
  • Mindfulness Training
  • Wellness Coaching

Coaching Services

  • Complimentary Get Acquainted Sessions
  • Individual Coaching
  • Small-Group Mindfulness Coaching

Locations to Meet with Victoria

  • Virtual Zoom Meetings and Telephone as needed
  • In-Person Sessions may become available at a later time.