ADHD Coach Robin Nordmeyer | Minnesota

About Robin:

Robin began her journey with ADHD support and coaching as a Certified Parent Trainer for CHADD in 2008.  At the time she worked full time in a corporate career with Procter & Gamble in Customer Business Development and Pharmaceuticals.  Her love of the job included the opportunity to identify and develop tools and resources to help with patient care and improving quality of life related to the company's product line.  In 2010, Robin left her corporate role and trained with Adler Graduate School to become a Certified Life Coach and then completed MentorCoach's Advanced ADHD Coaching Program. She has completed additional ADHD Coach training classes through JST Coaching, Coach Approach for Organizers, ADHD Coaches Organization and CHADD International Conferences. She launched her coaching practice in 2011. She served on the Board of Directors and as Programs Chair for three years for the Minnesota Chapter of the International Coach Federation.  Robin continues to serve on the Board of Directors with the ADHD Coaches Organization since 2013.  Robin continues to present at professional conferences, parenting workshops, podcasts and TV interviews regarding ADHD and related topics.  

Areas of Coaching Expertise:

  • Navigating ADHD with the Newly-Diagnosed
  • Adults struggling at home, work, in relationships, parenting, lifestyle and well-being
  • Youth (ages 11 -18) with ADHD or EF skill deficits for learning, social and life skills
  • Strengths-based strategies and ADHD-friendly approaches to get stuff done and reach goals
  • Executive function skill building - Plan, Prioritize, Manage Time, Address Overwhelm & Procrastination, Focus, Organization, Impulse Control and more.
  • Entrepreneurs and Executives with ADHD

Coaching Services:

  • Complimentary Get Acquainted Sessions
  • Individual and Small Group Coaching Programs
  • Cornerstone-Group Workshops
  • In-Person Classes for Adults and Parents
  • Online DIY Learning and E-Coaching Services

Locations to Meet with Robin

  • Edina - 3800 American Boulevard West, Ste 1500, Edina MN
  • Apple Valley - 14690 Galaxie Ave Suite 110, Apple Valley, MN 
  • Virtual Zoom Meeting Room and Telephone 

More About Robin:

ADHD Coach Robin Nordmeyer
New to Coaching? 

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